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Fortnite's Legacy aim assist to be removed spelling the end for L2 spam

Epic Games has announced that the controversial Legacy aim assist, which spawned a gameplay style called "L2 spam", will no longer be in the game. UnknowxArmy has responded!
Epic Games has announced the controversial Legacy Look Controls - a control scheme which promoted a gameplay style coined "L2 spam" - will no longer be in the game from 13th March.

In a Tweet on 6th March Epic stated due to improvements made to Aim Assist they "plan to remove the 'Use Legacy Look Controls' setting".



Epic have set a date of 13th March for its removal giving players time to move to the other controller options Linear or Exponential - both have aim assist but it is not as pronounced as the legacy settings and requires more player input. 

Players who use Legacy settings will be able to retain their sensitivity settings by selecting "Copy from Legacy” in the controller options and by turning off “Use Legacy Look Controls". Players who have it enabled when the setting is removed will have their legacy sensitivities automatically converted to the new sensitivity settings.

The legacy control scheme has long proved controversial in Fortnite circles with many equating it to an aimbot; effectively aiming for controller players without their input and giving them an unfair advantage. The problem was so bad clips started appearing of players "locking on" to targets they could not physically see. 



Many attribute the success of controller players like Dominick "UnknownxArmy" Green to the legacy control scheme. UnknownxArmy has become one of the most popular players in the game after winning a record seven Cash Cups - the weekly cash prize tournaments run between major competitive events.

UnknownxArmy has made efforts to prove his doubters wrong; in December he competed in a Cash Cup on keyboard and mouse and placed 5th.

UnknownxArmy isn't the only player to achieve success with a controller, an Australian Fortnite player "Breso" recently won the Australian Summer Smash 2020 the first time a controller player won a major LAN event.


UnknownxArmy responds to the removal of legacy aim assist

The most successful legacy user has responded to the removal of the control scheme. 



He must have thought he was still dreaming but once it was confirmed he struck a sombre tone.


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