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How to mark weapons of different rarities in Fortnite

As a part of the new Week 5 Resistance Quests, players will need to know how to mark different weapon rarities during Fortnite gameplay.
How to mark weapons of different rarities in Fortnite

Week 5 of the Resistance Quests is live in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and one of the challenges involves finding weapon rarities around the map. In this case, Loopers need information on weapons, and you're the perfect person to do it.

Unlike the Prowler Challenge which also involves looking for different weapon rarities, you won't need to pick any of the weapons up. Instead, the main goal is to mark them in the same way that you would mark items for your teammates. The process is simple but can take some time to complete in a given match.

Fortnite Resistance Quest - How to mark weapons of different rarities

When you open up the Week 5 Resistance Quests in Fortnite, the quest you'll be looking for is the second part of a Week 5 phase. The quest itself tasks players with marking weapons of different rarities to show Loopers how to identify them.

fortnite week 5 mark weapon
Use left d-pad or mouse button 3 to mark. (Picture: Epic Games)

In total, you will need to mark four different weapon rarities. While they all must be a different rarity, there is no particular order that needs to be followed. That means you could mark a Legendary weapon followed by a Common weapon to progress the quest.

To mark a weapon or any item for that matter, use the left d-pad on a controller without aiming in to make the process easier. On keyboard and mouse, the input will be mouse button 3 by default, but preferred settings can always change this.

When you have successfully marked a weapon, an icon will appear above it and a progress bar will appear at the corner of your screen. Do this with four different weapon rarities to complete the quest and earn the 23,000 XP that goes along with it.

If you have some extra Gold Bars to spare, an easy way to complete the quest would be utilizing an upgrade bench on a common weapon. As soon as you land, search for a Grey colored weapon and locate a weapon upgrade bench.

fortnite common weapon rarity mark
Upgrade a common to quickly complete the quest. (Picture: Epic Games)

These are always labeled by an arrow when you get close enough, and most major points of interest will have them. Take your common weapon to this bench, and each time you upgrade, drop the weapon and mark.

Within about 30 seconds, you can complete the quest, but it won't be cheap. Going from Common to Epic rarity will cost 900 Gold Bars. If you have some to spare though, it may be worth saving time.

Either way, that's all there is to this part of this Week 5 Resistance Quest in Fortnite! For more coverage, make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Fortnite page.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.