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Fortnite new map leaked for non-combat Party Royale mode

Fortnite dataminers have uncovered the map for an upcoming Party Royale playlist following the latest update.
After the new v12.50 update recently went live, Fortnite dataminers have uncovered a bunch of new details about a leaked playlist titled Party Royale.

In an email from Epic Games to Fortnite dataminer HYPEX, the new playlist is described as an “experimental and evolving space” which won’t feature any combat. 

It also reveals tests are set to run from Friday 9pm EST (Saturday 2am BST) to test out the new playlist, so you’ll be able to try out Fortnite without weapons this week. 

They also detail new mode Operation: Payload which seems to emulate Overwatch’s defending and escorting of a payload across the map - while another team tries to stop you. 

There’s also adjustments to aim assists and heavy sniper damage incoming too. 

The new map for the Party Royale playlist has also seemingly been leaked by FortTory, which includes small icons indicating some kind of mini-games at their location. 

There’s icons which appear to point to races, along with a soccer match game too. 

A non-combat Fortnite map isn’t a huge surprise considering the title has become a platform for huge events, with Travis Scott recently staging an incredible Astronomical concert

It's also unclear if Party Royale could be sticking around as a permanent addition, which feels logical if it does become the place where huge crossover events take place in the future. 

Could this mean even more Fortnite events are on the horizon? We’ll have to see.