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Fortnite pros complain about shrinking prize pools for the competitive scene

The NRG pro is not happy with Epic's announcement as the lack of funding could drive potential pros away from the battle royale.
Fortnite pros complain about shrinking prize pools for the competitive scene

Epic Games has spared no expense in the past when it comes to funding the competitive Fortnite scene, injecting an absurd amount of money into it, with the 2019 World Cup boasting a 30 million USD prize pool across different competitions.

In recent times, however, prize pools for events seem to be dwindling, something that's been worrying the community, with 16-year-old NRG pro, Benjy "Benjyfishy" Fish expressing his concerns via Twitter.


"Least amount of tournaments we have ever had with the least amount of money, with the game being the least fun as i can remember," Benjy tweeted out. 

The comments stem from Epic announcements regarding the competitive scene moving forward in 2021, which will see fewer tournaments, with weeklies such as the Friday Nite Bragging Rights having no cash prizes whatsoever.  

This reduction in monetary incentives could lead to a loss of potential new stars population the battle royale's competitive community, with the worst-case scenario being the death of pro Fortnite as we know it, according to Benjy.


"With prize pools constantly getting less and less its gonna be even harder for unknown players to start making a living out of the game which will eventually make them want to stop playing and the comp scene will slowly start dying out if it carries on."

benjyfishy(Picture: NRG)

Benjy was far from the only Fortnite pro displeased, as Leon "Khanada" Kim was left baffled at the Cash Cup's and other event's new prize pools, with Epic Games lowering the cash prize for winners significantly. 


"600 for first r u f&%king serious bro how does it go from 3k to 600."

It remains to be seen if Epic Games has an ace up their sleeve to compensate for the smaller prize pools. Until then, the Fortnite community will have to figure out a way to cope with the massive loss in potential revenue.