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Fortnite pros left baffled as John Cena follows after FNCS

Multiple pros were shocked to find out John Cena started following them on Twitter. Is this a hint at something to come?
Fortnite pros left baffled as John Cena follows after FNCS

We may be reading too much into it, but seeing a celebrity of the caliber of John Cena step into the gaming world is something that still amazes us, and his recent following of multiple Fortnite pros has baffled the community.

It all started after the FNCS Qualifier 3 ended when Cody "Clix" Conrod reported that John Cena had followed him on Twitter.

He wasn't the only one that reported the eventful situation, NRG's Ronaldo responded to Clix saying Cena had followed him as well.

Is John Cena getting into pro Fortnite?

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(Picture: Nintendo of America)

Despite what it may seem, more often than not, someone following plenty of people from a specific community indicates a collaboration of some sort in the works, however, in this case, is highly unlikely.

John Cena's Twitter account, which is likely operated by a dedicated social media team, follows over 250k Twitter accounts. It could be the case of an automated system following Fortnite players.

If it turns out Cena's been cooking something (wait, wrong catchphrase...) you'll be the first to know by stating tuned to Ginx.