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Fortnite Season 5: All NPC locations for bounty hunter jobs and gold bar rewards

Chapter 2 Season 5 is here and characters are waiting for players all around the map. Here are the locations of all 40 NPCs to trigger bounty-hunting.
Fortnite Season 5: All NPC locations for bounty hunter jobs and gold bar rewards

Fortnite introduced bounties and gold bars to us in Season 5, and naturally, players are wondering where to pick up jobs from NPCs to rack up the new in-game currency.

We have the answers, per usual, with this list of all 40 characters’ locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5:

  • Bandolier: Flushed Building

  • Beef Boss: The Durr Burger Food Truck

  • Big Chuggus: Slurpy Swamp

  • Bigfoot: Weeping Woods

  • Blaze: Pristine Point

  • Brutus: Dirty Docks

  • Bullseye: Steamy Stacks

  • Bunker Jonesy: Camp Cod

  • Burnout: Steamy Stacks

  • Bushranger: Salty Towers

  • Cole: Retail Row, Shipwreck Cove

  • Deadfire: The Sheriff’s Office

  • Doggo: Pleasant Park

  • Dummy: Pleasant Park

  • Farmer Steel: Steem Farm, East of Colossal Coliseum

  • Fishstick: Craggy Cliffs

  • Grimbles: Fort Crumpet

  • Kit: Catty Corner

  • Kondor: Misty Meadows

  • Kyle: Weeping Woods

  • Lexa: Hunter’s Haven

  • Longshot: Misty Meadows

  • Mancake: Butter Barn

  • Mave: Shipwreck Cove

  • Menace: Colossal Coliseum

  • Outcast: Sweaty Sands

  • Ragnarok: Holly Hedges (Viking Vessel)

  • Rapscallion: Lazy Lake

  • Reaper: Southwest of Sweaty Sands

  • Reese: Dirty Docks

  • Remedy: Hilltop House, Craggy Cliffs

  • Ruckus: Hydro 16

  • Sleuth: Sweaty Sands

  • Sparkplug: Lazy Lake

  • Splode: Lighthouse

  • Sunflower: The Orchard

  • The Mandalorian: Razor Crest

  • Tomato Head: The Pizza Pit

  • Triggerfish: Crashed Cargo, West of Sweaty Sands

  • Turk: Lazy Lake

User MeetLootLlama even gave fans a very clear map so you keep track of the plethora of Fortnite NPC's scattered across the island. 

All NPC locations Fortnite
(Photo: MeetLootLlama)

All locations are accurate to each NPC, but spawns for each match are not guaranteed, so do keep that in mind. 

To pick up bounties, approach any of these NPCs to start a job. You will be rewarded gold bars for completing the task, just remember your target will also be rewarded if they survive you hunting them.

Not all of the characters listed above are friendly, so keep your eyes peeled as you cruise the battle royale map. Some might turn hostile upon approaching them -- not the best customer service, if you ask me.