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Fortnite loot sharks need to go, according to esports star Clix

After an unfortunate series of events at Dreamhack Online Open, Fortnite star Cody "Clix" Conrad calls for the removal of loot sharks.
Fortnite loot sharks need to go, according to esports star Clix

In esports, the less random, match-changing elements the better. In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, however, loot sharks can really ruin your match. This was felt in the hardest way possible by Fortnite esports star Cody "Clix" Conrad during the Dreamhack Online Open.


Clix calls for the removal of Fortnite loot sharks

For those who don't know, Cody "Clix" Conrad is a rising star in the North American Fortnite scene.


Clix fortnite star loot sharks
The young American Fortnite star (Picture: Clix)


At just 15 years of age, he joined NRG with the famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal welcoming him to the organization.

Clix recently competed in the Dreamhack Online Open, with a whopping $1.7 million on the line. A few games into the solo finals of the tournament, disaster struck Clix, as a random loot shark appeared to wreak havoc on his game.

After a tough battle with an opponent, Clix wanted to loot the body, but it dropped slightly into the water. Starved for resources and in the storm, Clix saw a random loot shark appear, swallowing the items he desperately required.





As Clix died, he repeated "Good F&$%ing game" over and over again. As he was returned to the lobby, defeated, he said: "They added a shark that eats f#$*ing loot!" 

Clix ended up finishing in 41st place out of the 100 pro players in the tournament, and the incident with the loot shark definitely didn't help.