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Fortnite teases Venom as next Marvel Super Series skin

After a few leaks, Venom is now all but confirmed as the next skin featured in the Marvel Knockout Super Series.
Fortnite teases Venom as next Marvel Super Series skin
Fortnite's Marvel Knockout Super Series is slowly coming to an end, with just one more Cup left to be played before the final event, the Super Cup with its m prize pool.

Just like the previous events, this one will be themed around one of the Marvel's iconic superheroes, and Epic Games has just teased players who that might be.

If you are familiar with the Marvel Universe, you can probably guess who it is.

The silhouette clearly shows Venom, one of the most beloved Marvel's antiheroes, who was most recently portrayed by Tom Hardy in the movie of the same name from 2018.

Fortnite Venom Skin
(Picture: Epic Games)

Besides the silhouette, a couple of weeks ago HYPEX, a reputable Fortnite leaker, also stated that Venom is confirmed to be a skin, so we can safely assume that this is indeed Venom, and not Venom’s archenemy Riot, who has similar physical characteristics.

This means that the next event in the Marvel Knockout Super Series will be the Venom Cup, slated for 18th November.

The Venom Cup will be the fourth tournament in the series, the last one before the final event slated for 21st November when the best players from all four cups will battle for a prize pool of US$1m.

As with previous events in the series, this one will feature a brand new skin as well, and the best players will get the free Venom Fortnite skin before it goes live on the item shop.

While not officially confirmed by Epic Games, this probably means that we will get a small update for the game tomorrow.