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Fortnite World Cup: Duo predictions

Fortnite World Cup: Duo predictions

The Fortnite World Cup starts today, Friday, July 26, with the solo and duo tournaments taking place on July 27 and 28 respectively.

Here, I go through who I expect to place highly, who I expect to crash out and some of the potential dark horses of the duo tournament.

Fighting for Top 3

I expect these duos to be pushing for the top three spots, if not the win, having proven over time that they are worthy of the title of duo world champions.

Credit: Epic Games

Saf + Zayt

Saf and Zayt are almost unanimously agreed upon as the favourites to win this tournament. Since they started teaming they have consistently been the team to beat, ahead of even the highly respected Tfue and Cloakzy, thanks to a big win at Katowice Royale and coming in second at WSOE 3.

Benjyfishy + MrSavage

An undisputed top three duo going into the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Benjyfishy and MrSavage will no doubt be hovering at the top of the standings throughout the entire tournament. They've been highly commended not only for their slaying ability but the fact that their comms are so tight, focused and clear that not many duos could contend with them.

Stompy + Tschiiinken

Out of a possible five times, this duo qualified in every single World Cup finals qualifier. In fact, I'm surprised they're not spoken about as much as Saf/Zayt and Benjy/Savage, because they are clearly borderline unbeatable. They're an incredible duo, arguably the best in Europe, and anything less than a win here will be seen as a disappointment for Stompy and Tschiiinken.

NateHill + Funk

Perhaps not quite as esteemed as the others above them, NateHill and Funk of FaZe Clan have always been about the top duos at LAN events but haven't ever really been a dominant force. That said, they could definitely cause some upsets and will no doubt be near the top of the standings at the end of the weekend.

Potential to disappoint

These are players who have big followings or have traditionally done well, but might fall short when it matters most.

Kinstaar + Hunter. Credit: Thomas Saminada

Zexrow + Vinny

At one point in time, Zexrow and Vinny were regarded as one of the greatest duos in the game, the closest competition to Cloakzy and Tfue. Though they haven't become bad by any stretch of the imagination, I just don't think they can still compete at the very top alongside some of the names mentioned above.

Hunter + Kinstaar

The Solary duo of Hunter and Kinstaar have regularly been up and down with the best duos in Fortnite, but I feel this weekend won't quite live up to expectations. Solary teammates Airwaks and Nikof have somewhat stolen the limelight from these two, and I'd be looking at them to make some moves in the standings.

Skite + Vato

Often, I've watched tournaments and been waiting for Skite and Vato to show their full potential, of which I think they have a lot, but it just never seems to show itself. I wouldn't bet on it coming out this weekend, but there would be no better time to do so.

Dark horses

These players have shown that they have it in them to perform really well but haven’t quite reached that level yet.

BlastR + Alpha. Credit: TrainHard Esport

EpikWhale + 4DRStorm

EpikWhale also featured in my solo predictions, so you can see exactly what I think of him, but alongside teammate 4DRStorm they have some serious potential to place highly. They only teamed for one week of the World Cup qualifiers – the final week – and proved that their natural chemistry is enough to qualify them for the event. Let's look to see if that continues at the World Cup finals.

itemm + Derox

Both of these players are the type that have the potential to pop off at any time – this isn't an entirely useful trait when playing multiple matches, but if they can find a solid level of consistency I would bet on itemm and Derox to win some serious cash this weekend.

BlastR + Alpha

Similar to itemm and Derox above them, BlastR and Alpha are a team with so much potential that just haven't yet showed their full capabilities. They placed pretty well in each week of World Cup qualifiers but are yet to make an appearance at a major international event. Maybe this weekend is when BlastR and Alpha become household names.

There are a number of duos I'd love to include here – Ceice + Elevate, crimz + Spades, 7ssk7 + Jamside are all great duos too, and it's more than possible they push the top teams to their limit. This tournament could be incredibly tight, with a whole host of duos that could feasibly walk away with the $3,000,000 available to the winning side.

So there are my predictions for the Fortnite World Cup duo finals. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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