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How To Level Up In Fortnite Ranked Fast

The latest test of skill in Fortnite is the addition of Fortnite Ranked, a new competitive angle for the popular battle royale. Here's how to level up in Fortnite Ranked as fast as possible.
How To Level Up In Fortnite Ranked Fast

Dedicated Fortnite players now have a new way to prove their skills in both Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. Fortnite Ranked drops players into a lobby full of opponents that are of a similar skill level based on which rank a player has climbed to. The higher your rank, the more difficult your matches will be. 

Players begin in rank Bronze and move their way through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and finally, Unreal. Climbing to the top tier put you against the very best of Fortnite's playerbase, and earns you some bragging rights in the process. Fortnite Ranked began midway through Chapter 4 Season 2 with Ranked Season Zero, which will continue up until the end of Chapter 4 Season 3.

Epic Games has given players a decent amount of time to progress through the leaderboard, but Ranked isn't something you can blitz through in a weekend. That said, there'll still be players looking to get themselves up to Unreal in as little time as possible. So, how can players level up in Ranked, fast?

How To Level Up In Fortnite Ranked Fast

Compared to some of the other battle royales on the market, Fortnite Ranked is pretty straightforward in how it awards players a score. A player's progress bar will increase or decrease after a match based on the following factors:

  • Your match placement

  • How many eliminations you or your team got in the match

Eliminations in the late game will count more than eliminations made earlier on in the match. in addition, the ranks of those you or your team eliminate will also be taken into account. Teams are also treated equally: all team members gain or lose progress equally based on eliminations and placement. 

So what's the best way to level through Ranked? Well, unless you're confident in your infallibility, it's best to avoid hot spots in the early game almost entirely. You'll want to last as long as possible and take advantage of those late game kills. Spend some time gaining shields and hunting down some decent tier weapons. Even with only a few eliminations in the late game, you'll still make some significant progress through the ranks. 

It's also important to choose the mode that's best suited to your playstyle. Are you better as a lone wolf or do you need the support from one or more other teammates? If playing in Duos or Squads, you'll need to ensure your team has some excellent communication to last as long as possible. 

Be sure to check in with the Fortnite Ranked Leaderboard to gauge just how far you've got to climb before hitting the top spots.