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How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite

Fire With Fire Week has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 with some new quests. Learn how to Extinguish fires on Structures with Slurp to complete the set of tasks.
How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite

In the final update for Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite, Fire With Fire week has gone live with a slew of new quests to take on. Four new tasks can be completed for some easy XP, and though they seem simple enough, extinguishing firing on structures with Slurp is a cryptic description.

You'll have a week to complete all four sets of quests in Fortnite and there are a ton of numbers to check off depending on the task. Extinguishing fires in particular requires you to finish the same task about 100 times. This guide will outline exactly how to check the quest off your list.

Fortnite - How to extinguish fires on Structures with Slurp

Slurp Barrels
Barrels of Slurp will count for this quest. (Picture: Epic Games)

Most of the quests in the Fire With Fire week simply involve using the latest fire weapons that were unvaulted. There are two you can find including the Primal Flame Bow and the Dragon's Breath Shotgun. You'll likely be using both weapons to complete the fire extinguishing quest as fast as possible.

The first step to Extinguish fires on Structures with Slurp is to start a fire. This can be done in a handful of ways on plenty of surfaces. Using the Flame Bow or the Dragon's Breath is an easy way to start nearly any fire. However, the Firefly Jars and explosives like gas tanks can also get the job done.

With a fire raging on wooden structures or on trees in the forest, it's time to put it out as soon as possible before the flame disappears. You'll need to use Slurp for the challenge to count, and just like the fire, there are plenty of sources for the material. Simply starting a fire next to the normal Slurp barrels and breaking them will count towards the quest.

Chug Cannon
Chug Cannons are an easy way to put infinite fires out. (Picture: Epic Games)

One of the easiest ways to complete the quest is by looking for Chug Splashes or the Splash Cannon. Both of these will be dropping all over the map during the Fire With Fire week in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. But you can also find them at some NPCs around Lazy Lagoon or Logjam Junction.

Overall, you will need to extinguish 100 different fires on structures to receive credit on the Fire With Fire quest. With a week to complete the task, you'll have more than enough time to cause some chaos and settle it with splash items. Within no time, all the new XP will be yours.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.