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How to join Fortnite’s Impostors Trials and get exclusive cosmetics for free

Epic Games has launched a new mini event packed with free rewards, based on Fortnite’s LTM Impostors.
How to join Fortnite’s Impostors Trials and get exclusive cosmetics for free

Some days ago, Fortnite received a new LTM based on the hit multiplayer game Among Us, in which players must try to keep The Bridge under control, as well as discover those who try to sabotage it in the Impostors mode.

To attract more players to be part of this experience, Epic Games has quietly revealed the Impostors Trials, with which you can get free cosmetic rewards within the game.

If you need help joining this event, or want to learn about the rewards, you have come to the right place.

How to join Fortnite’s Impostors Trials

The Impostors Trials are a set of challenges based on Fortnite's newest game mode. However, unlike previous trials, these challenges are much easier to complete.

Fortnite Impostors mode
Players can now try a new LTM, inspired by the smash-hit game Among Us. (Picture: Epic Games)

To join this special event, you will have to follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Fortnite Impostors Trials website
  • Sign in with your Epic Games account
  • Once a confirmation message appears, open Fortnite and play Impostors to earn badges

Your goal for these Trials will be to earn badges based on the games played in Impostors mode. Every two finished games will give you a badge, plus you can get a bonus just for logging into the website.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to obtaining the rewards, only the games played in Impostors mode will be counted from our registration on the Imposters Trials website, so the games we have previously played will not count.

Getting the Fortnite’s Impostors Trials rewards

Depending on the number of badges you collect, you will have access to three different rewards, these being:

  • 1 Badge Earned: Hot Headed Spray
  • 6 Badges Earned: Just Between Us Emoticon
  • All 11 badges earned: Spectral Flex Wrap
Fortnite Impostors Trials rewards
Take a look at the rewards you can get by completing the Impostors Trials. (Picture: Epic Games)

The rewards earned will be added to your inventory the next time you log into Fortnite. Once you get them, these will be yours forever, so you can use them whenever you want.

Fortnite’s Impostors Trials will be available until 6th September. However, these will only be available for up to five million players, so be sure to follow the instructions above before it's too late.

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Header image via Epic Games.