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How to quickly find guzzle juice in Fortnite

Guzzle juice is required to complete a seasonal challenge in Fortnite. Here’s how to find it easily.
How to quickly find guzzle juice in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 1 continues to be a big affair with frequent new additions to the item shops alongside new challenges for players to pursue. While the hotly anticipated Spider-Man No Way Home bundles are not available anymore, players can still snag the neat looking Cobra Kai bundle.

A recent leak indicated that a big Fortnite update is on the way and will add dynamic weather effects to the game. These include the massive storms as teased in the Season 3 chapter 1 trailer. 

Before that happens, players may want to complete the remaining seasonal challenges, one of which requires them to experience guzzle juice effects for fifteen seconds. Here's our guide to finding guzzle juice easily in Fortnite.

Guzzle juice location in Fortnite

How to quickly find guzzle juice in Fortnite
Players can find guzzle juice in coolers. (Picture: Epic Games)

Guzzle juice is a common healing item introduced in Season 3 chapter 1 of Fortnite. Players can randomly acquire guzzle juice from normal and rare chests, supply drops and coolers.

The coolers have a higher rate of dropping guzzle juice since they only drop those or chug splashes. Hence, finding and opening coolers should reward players with guzzle juice.

How to quickly find guzzle juice in Fortnite
Completing the guzzle juice challenge will reward players with 25,000 XP. (Picture: Epic Games)

Players can find coolers in abundance in the desert areas of the map. These are Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, and Chonker's Speedway. Thanks to a Youtuber called Tabor Hill, there's this particular area where players are guaranteed to find guzzle juice.

Right next to the track in Chonker's Speedway, players will notice a campsite with two blue caravans. There are a total of three coolers in the campsites, and players should be able to get an adequate amount of guzzle juices to complete the challenge. For a visual depiction, check out Tabor Hill's video on the same down below.


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.