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Fortnite Ripsaw Ride Glitch - How To Use

It's not clear if Epic Games intended it, but a new Fortnite Ripsaw Ride glitch has allowed players to turn the Season 3 item into a bootleg vehicle.
Fortnite Ripsaw Ride Glitch - How To Use

Players have been treated to so much excitement thus far in Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite as game developers Epic Games have remained persistent in their upgrades of the popular battle royale. This season has unvaulted classic Fortnite items in addition to introducing a slew of new content for everyone to enjoy.

One of the notable Season 3 additions has been the Ripsaw Launcher, a very useful weapon that can quickly take down builds as well as deal damage to opposing players. However, it seems that a new use for the item has recently been discovered. Follow along for a detailed breakdown of how to use the Ripsaw Ride glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite Ripsaw Ride glitch - Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Ripsaw Ride Chapter 3 Season 3
Players have discovered a glitch that allows you to ride the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. (Picture: Epic Games)

Introduced at the launch of Chapter 3 Season 3, the Ripsaw Launcher has been a popular new item that Fortnite players have been enjoying in a multitude of ways. It's great for tearing down opponent build structures and can deal damage to players as well. The Ripsaw Launcher can even be used as a melee weapon in tight quarters, and it's certainly been a hit to this point.

Now it seems a new use has been discovered for the Ripsaw Launcher, and it's possible that Epic Games didn't even intend for this one. Fortnite players have been using the new item as a vehicle, check out how to use the Ripsaw Ride glitch down below.

How To Use Fortnite Ripsaw Ride Glitch - Chapter 3 Season 3

The Ripsaw Ride glitch works very similarly to the Rocket Ride from past Fortnite seasons. It allows players to quickly cover ground or even deploy a teammate to a distant location.

Here are the simple steps to use the Ripsaw Ride glitch:

  1. Build a structure (ramp) 3 stairs high
  2. Climb to the top, charge the Ripsaw, and aim down
  3. Slowly inch forward until you fall off the ramp
  4. Right before you hit the ground, shoot the blade
  5. You will immediately start riding the launched Ripsaw and zoom forward

You can check out the video tutorial below from YouTube creator Orcedify.

That's everything you need to know for how to use the Fortnite Ripsaw Ride glitch in Chapter 3 Season 3.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

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