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Infinite Drift Pack Removed From Fortnite Accounts

Epic Games has begun removing the Infinite Drift Pack from Xbox accounts, following an incorrect pricing earlier in the month.
Infinite Drift Pack Removed From Fortnite Accounts
Epic Games

Fortnite players are seeing some purchased packs disappear from their accounts, following an incorrect pricing mistake earlier in the month. The Infinite Drift Pack was previously incorrectly priced on Xbox, leading to a number of refunds being sent out for $1.24 to those who purchased the pack.

Now, according to leaker iFireMonkey, Epic Games has begun removing the pack entirely from accounts who had previously purchased it, issuing full refunds. Players who purchased the pack have been met with a notice that reads, "The following items have been removed from your account." 

The message affects items such as the Skulldrifter Outfit, the Rift Strider Drift Outfit, and the Fish Drift Outfit — all items part of the Infinite Drift Pack. The notification also offered players a reason, stating: "A payment made by this account was reversed or refunded."

Why Has The Infinite Drift Pack Been Removed From Fortnite?

Items associated with the Infinite Drift Pack have been removed from Fortnite accounts. (Picture: Epic Games, via iFireMonkey)

Players have been left confused by the decision, wondering why those that paid more for the pack and were refunded for the difference, are now losing access to the pack entirely. It seems the pack is no longer available to buy on Xbox, and leaves players feeling concerned with the rest of their collection.

Epic Games has the power to remove or refund purchased skins, items, and bundles at their discretion, meaning players never really own any of the digital cosmetics that they paid for. The permanent removal of such items is rare, but never impossible, so players should be aware of this when purchasing in-game cosmetics. 

The Infinite Drift Pack is currently listed as "Unavailable" in the Epic Games Store. There's no telling when, of if, the pack will be available again in the future.