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Legacy aim has finally been removed from Fortnite

The controversial legacy control scheme has been finally removed from the game.

It has been 19 days since Epic announced they were removing the Legacy control scheme from they game, and 12 days they "grace period" deadline they gave players to change, but it can now be confirmed that Legacy controls are gone - and gone for good.



Players who have used the legacy controls in the past will now have their movement settings shifted over to the Exponential look scheme.


Legacy controls have long been a contentious issue in the competitive Fortnite with many feeling that the aim assist is more akin to an aimbot.

An insertion perhaps backed up by the number of players who started using both KBM and controller sometimes switching in-game depending on the situation.

Others like Shane "EpikWhale" Cotton gave up their KBM entirely and made the decision to compete exclusively on controller because in his words: "It is definitely better in some situations". 

Whether this finally ends the "L2 spam" debate is yet to be seen with the two remaining control schemes - Linear and Exponential - both have their critics.




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