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Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle released - How to get at a discount

After a long delay, the new Icon Series Fortnite bundle is out now, featuring Loserfruit.
The Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle was supposed to release on 3 June, but Epic Games delayed its release. Now, Australian streamer Kathleen "Loserfruit" Belsten has finally entered the game. 


Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle

The Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle looks fantastic, and fans of the famous Australian streamer definitely shouldn't miss out. This is a limited-time bundle, however, so you need to pick it up while it is still available.

Specific end date for the Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle has not yet been revealed. 


Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle how to get discount
The full Loserfruit Fortnite bundle (Picture: Epic Games)


The bundle includes the following:

  • Loserfruit Outfit
  • Buddy Bag Back Bling
  • Fruit Punchers Pickaxe
  • Bounce Berry Emote

You can purchase everything together in a bundle, or individually using V-bucks, but it will cost you.


How to get Loserfruit Fortnite bundle at a discount

The full Loserfruit bundle will set you back a whopping 2,600 V-Bucks. However, you can also get it at a discount by using a code.

At checkout, using code "lufu" to get 800 V-Bucks off, putting the discounted Loserfruit Fortnite bundle at 1,800 V-Bucks.



This discount only seems to apply to the full Loserfruit Fortnite Icon Series bundle, and not to individual pieces.