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LoserFruit’s Icon Series Fortnite skin is delayed

The popular streamer confirmed her skin has been delayed due to current events.
LoserFruit’s Icon Series Fortnite skin is delayed

Popular streamer Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten confirmed her Fortnite Icon Series skin has been delayed due to current events around the world. It is unclear when her skin will be added to the game. 


Loserfruit fortnite icon skin
(Picture: Loserfruit)


Loserfruit is a popular Australian content creator who grew in popularity thanks to her Fortnite streams which led her to getting her own icon Series skin. Ninja was the first content creator to receive his own skin in Fortnite as part of the Icon Series, and fans have speculated on what other creators could make a virtual appearance. 

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Loserfruit’s Fortnite skin actually leaked on May 30 which let fans know that she would be making an in-game appearance soon. Due to recent events, however, Loserfruit and Epic decided to delay the release of the skin.



Dozens of protests around the world have taken place throughout the week in response to the unlawful killing of George Floyd by police officers in the United States. Content creators and organizations have expressed their support for the protests with public statements or stepping away from social media during the #blackouttuesday event. 

Releasing a new skin does not seem appropriate during this tense time, so Epic and Loserfruit have decided to hold off on the skin’s release for the foreseeable future. She confirmed it will at least be a couple of weeks before her skin is added to the game, as next week Fortnite’s new season is scheduled for release

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