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Mongraal vows to keep "grinding" after failing to qualify for FNCS

The once unimpeachable Fortnite pro was left bitterly disappointed after failing to qualify for the FNCS Grand Finals.
Mongraal vows to keep "grinding" after failing to qualify for FNCS

Few players in Fortnite are as celebrated as FaZe Clan's Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson, with over US0,000 in earnings and appearances at the Fortnite World Cup and numerous FNCS Grand Finals, the Englishman has done it all.

But performances have wavered in recent months culminating in the star's failure to reach the FNCS Season 2 Chapter 6 Grand Finals and in a series of tweets made after the qualifiers it's something he says is "never happening again".

Mongraal, who was competing with Milan "Milan" Lopes and Dmitri "mitr0" Van de Vrie in the trios competition, was scathing of his recent performances but claimed, at least this time around, it wasn't for want of trying.

Last FNCS it was me being completely lazy and not taking it serious, I can’t be angry about that, " explained Mongraal. "But this one was different since I’ve been playing so much it hurts a lot to not play."

And play he will not with him and his trio only managing to reach 46th place in Round 3, with only the top 33 advancing to Sunday's Round 4 matches.

Mongraal went on to state that he feels he has learned much from the failure and his abilities as an in-game leader have been enhanced.

"I have now learnt the role of an IGL after playing without one for so long and understand things I didn't before because I was ignorant," wrote Mongraal. "This experience will be beneficial in future game modes and it's made me a much better overall player."

Where Mongraal goes from here will be interesting, the last two FNCS campaigns have been trio tournaments, and he has played with mitr0 in both, those who have watched them closely feel they don't work well together so we could see Mongraal opt for two less well-known, more malleable, players going forward.

Mongraal FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6 Mitr0
Fans feel Mongraal and mitr0 may be holding each other back. (Picture: Reddit/FortniteCompetitive)

The FNCS Season 2 Chapter 6 Grand Finals take place on 29-30th May, there is US$3m in total prizing to be split between the regions, with the lion share, US$1.35m, going to Europe.