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Fortnite Glitch Offers Sneak Peek of New First-Person Gameplay Mode

A recent Fortnite leak showcases what the battle royale gameplay will look like in first-person mode.
Fortnite Glitch Offers Sneak Peek of New First-Person Gameplay Mode

Excitement is building among Fortnite fans after a recent glitch offered a sneak peek of the game's upcoming first-person mode. The glitch, which was reported by a reliable Fortnite leaker, Shiina, on Twitter, allowed the loopers to get a taste of the new gameplay.

The short clip posted by the leaker showcases the Scar in first-person mode. The gameplay starts in third-person, but when the player aims, the view switches to first-person, just like the red dot sight weapons from previous seasons.

The leaker stated in the Tweet, "Here's our first look at what First-Person will look like once it comes to the game later this year. What you see in this video is obviously a bug, but the final product probably won't look much different."

As you may think, the first-person mode was discovered by accident and is spreading like a wildfire across the Fortnite community. Many are speculating that the mode could potentially revolutionize the way that players experience Fortnite.

However, Epic hasn't shared any official details on the first-person mode release date. Instead, it has only been confirmed by the developers that the mode is indeed in the works and will be released in the near future.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.