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Streamer Nickmercs proposes to girlfriend on stream

Popular Fortnite streamer Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff proposed to his long-term girlfriend on stream last night, Monday, July 8, in front of thousands of viewers.

Nick had placed roses and candles around the house, creating a romantic walkway for his now-fiancée before popping the question.

In the video provided you can see Nick psyching himself up for the big moment, including practicing getting on one knee, showing off the ring to viewers and even mouthing "I'm so nervous" to the camera.


Credit: Z-Fame7

Though viewers couldn't hear proceedings – in the original stream, Nick was playing country music loud enough so that viewers couldn't hear what was going on – he appears to place the ring on her finger and they share a hug at the end, confirming that she had, indeed, said yes.

Nick took to Twitter afterwards to share the engagement, and some of the biggest names in esports took to congratulating him as one of the most loved people in the industry.


The pair recently moved to Michigan, Nick's home-state, following his release from esports organisation 100 Thieves, departing on what appeared to be irreconcilable issues. Clearly this did not hinder his career at all, as he joined FaZe Clan shortly after and managed to put this huge diamond on his girlfriend's finger. Impressive stuff.

GINX Esports TV extends our congratulations to Nick and his partner and wish them a long and happy life together.