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Parents of Fortnite pros, Benjyfishy and MrSavage, to release books about life in esports

Anne "mamabenjyfishy" Fish and MrSavage's dad, Johnny Troset Andersen, team up for book about managing sons' careers as parents.
The world of esports can confound even its most ardent proponents; owing, in part, to the shifting sands of an industry that is, not only still maturing, but with very little idea of what it is maturing into.

Is it sustainable? What organisations will go the distance and make good on the promises made to fans and investors? From a player perspective, is the hours spent grinding to potentially reach the top healthy? Or even worth it?

Of course, it's 2021, and many in esports and gaming can feel confident that the space is alive and well and we are witnessing an industry reaching a point that, while not with a fully-developed frontal cortex, is coming out of its awkward teenage years.

But it's maybe no surprise that those not involved still look upon it with a certain level of suspicion, especially when, as was the case with Anne Fish and Johnny Troset Andersen, a game company wants to fly their sons over to New York for a World Cup.

benjyfishy mrsavage
Benjyfishy and MrSavage are two of Fortnite's most iconic esport players. (Picture: MrSavage)

As esports goes mainstream and young kids set their sights on becoming the next Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, parents are quickly realising that gaming can become a viable career path, providing they give their children the right guidance.

With no blueprint to follow, both Fish and Andersen had to step into a whole new environment, unbeknownst to them that eventually, their sons, Benjy David "BenjyFishy" Fish and Martin "MrSavage" Foss Anderson, would quickly become some of the most recognisable esports players in the world.

How did they manage to overcome the trials and tribulations of a relatively young venture that lacks the established channels of communication and structure of traditional sports? That's the answer they hope to give in "Build It Like benjyfishy & MrSavage: The Unofficial Fortnite Esports Guide for Players and Parents".

Andersen recalls trying to find information regarding player contracts, the viability of the scene, and more back in 2018 when MrSavage broke through. Much to his dismay, he found little to no resources available for parents trying to assess if gaming is a proper career path for their children.

"In the months following Martin’s (MrSavage) breakthrough in 2018 I sought information all over the place without encountering anything that was structured to my needs. By sharing my experience in this book, I hope to ease the burden for future professional players and their allies, be it parents or anyone else.” 

Anne Fish added: “When Benjy was first offered an esports contract, I felt as if we were stepping into the unknown. I really needed a book like 'Build It Like benjyfishy & MrSavage' to give me some reassuring guidance, and to help open my eyes to the huge scope of possibilities the esports industry offers young people.”

A deep dive into benjyfishy's life

benjyfishy book esports
Benjyfishy's Fortnite journey is recapped on this book. (Picture: Deeper Down)

Build It Like benjyfishy & MrSavage: The Unofficial Fortnite Esports Guide for Players and Parents isn't the only book down the pipeline focusing on Fortnite's biggest stars, as Anne Fish has also penned 'Let’s Go! benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey'.

Serving as more of a career retrospective and a look into benjyfishy's life before Fortnite, documenting his career rise, the decision to leave full-time studies behind, and the struggles of Anne Fish as a single mother in a rapidly changing environment for her and her son. 

Fish explained: “'In Let’s Go! benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey', I’m excited to share with fans the exclusive stories in Benjy’s journey to becoming a professional gamer. Many people - and parents - might not truly appreciate how much hard work and dedication it takes for players and the people around them to manage a career in esports.”

Build It Like benjyfishy & MrSavage: The Unofficial Fortnite Esports Guide for Players and Parents launches on 2nd December priced at £21.99 (print) and £12 (ebook).

It’s available at Amazon UKAmazon US and Book Depository.

Let’s Go! benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey will be released on 25th November priced at £19.99 (print) and £10.99 (ebook). It’s available at Amazon UKAmazon US and Book Depository.


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.