OCE Fortnite pro "parpy" kicked from RBK

Raised By Kings have kicked Fortnite professional - Abdulla "parpy" Khudeish - after the unauthorized release of a video the organisation claim they produced and paid for.
OCE Fortnite pro "parpy" kicked from RBK
Abdullah “parpy” Khudeish, a popular New Zealand based Fortnite player, has been kicked from his organisation, Raised By Kings, after uploading a video intended for RBK’s YouTube to his own personal channel. 

The video titled ‘From a Refugee Camp to a Fortnite Pro (The Story of parpy)’ tells the story of parpy’s life as a Fortnite professional and his family’s escape from Palestine, life in a Cypriot refugee camp and eventual resettlement to New Zealand. 

RBK claim they own the video having paid for the entire production - from travel to salary costs. 

The video was produced during the recent Fortnite Summer Smash a tournament held during the Australian Open in Melbourne. 



Jaoa Nunes, the CEO of RBK, talked at length via his personal Twitch channel about several issues that contributed to the breakdown of their relationship with parpy, which started almost as soon as they signed him in November of last year. 

Speaking on his stream, Nunes said: “We went into negotiations with parpy and volx as a team because they’re both a duo. We discussed what they wanted, we offered them exactly what they wanted which was $4,000 [...] 0% of any OCE earnings and 15% whenever there here in NA and only when there competing in NA tournaments alone.  

“After we offer that amount of money, not even 10 hours later, parpy tweets out 'I can’t believe that Tier 1 orgs aren’t hitting me up. I’ve worked so hard for this and stuff.’ [...] it was a slap in the face for us because we offered them exactly what they asked for.” 

Parpy released a statement on Twitter claiming RBK hadn’t “built-up hype” for his video in the way they did for Volx, writing: “I felt like they showed him more support than me throughout the whole time with them, it did not feel like a family to me.”  



He states originally the video wasn’t going to be about his time in a refugee camp, which was later added after he personally reached out to Tyler Gerard, the video’s editor, and asked it to be put in because “people wanted to hear it”. 

Parpy believes this entitled him to put the video on his YouTube channel. RBK didn’t disagree but asked if they could release it first after paying for the video’s production as it was “their way of introducing you to your fans”. 

Things came to a head on Monday 17 February, when parpy, without authorisation and no prior warning, released the video on his YouTube channel.  

This lead RBK to kick him from the organisation, with a final war of words breaking out over Discord which parpy screenshotted and released along with his statement. It appears to show RBK owner “soclean” accuse parpy of “missing the point” and “acting like a god getting 10k views” a reference to the 12,000 views the video currently has on YouTube.

Parpy and Volx qualified as a Duo for the Fortnite World Cup, where they came 40th. They were signed by RBK in December and both were expected to move to the US to the RBK team house in Atlanta, Georgia so that they could compete in more Fortnite tournaments.

Volx is still expected to make the move, while parpy continues his search for a T1 esport organisation.