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Recent Speculation Suggests Pokémon Will Be Coming to Fortnite

Below we'll be discussing whether or not the iconic Pokémon franchise will be coming to Fortnite.
Recent Speculation Suggests Pokémon Will Be Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite has featured tons of crossovers and collaborations over the years that have seen popular franchise characters make their way into the Battle Royale. From My Hero Academia to the iconic Star Wars franchise and many more. 

Now fans are suspecting that Pokémon might be next in line to debut in the game thanks to some recent hints and speculations, but will it happen? In this article, we aim to break down all the factors at play and conclude whether Pokémon may be coming to Fortnite. 

Recent Speculation Suggests Pokémon Will Be Coming to Fortnite

To address the elephant in the room, Epic Games has made no official announcement that Pokémon would be joining the ranks of Fortnite crossovers, so take all the information below as speculation for the most part. Despite this, however, Fortnite has seen more and more anime franchises featured in the game, with some of the more recent ones being Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia. 

Pokemon will likely Come To Fortnite due to recent anime crossovers sucess
With the recent success of other anime crossovers such as My Hero Academia, many players Speculate Pokémon may be next. (Picture: Epic Games)

It's especially due to these recent anime crossovers that many fans are speculating Pokémon to be next in line, or at least in the queue as it is one of the most popular franchises in the world (if not the most popular) and would bring in tons of new fans to the battle-royale and be a neat treat for the long time players. While My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z are extremely popular, they are still not as widespread and popular within in our culture as Pokémon is, especially with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet now in full swing after their release. 

This makes it the most likely to be featured in Fortnite as we move forward, as Epic Games has seen the popularity and success that these crossovers garner from their audience and when appealing to new players. The fans also undoubtedly want this crossover to happen; for instance, a recent fan-made trailer that showcases what the crossover could look like features some intense attention to detail, which only goes to show how desperately players want this crossover to happen. 

Will Pokémon Come To Fortnite We will just have to wait and see for future news
Epic Games hasn't announced any new crossovers just yet, so we'll have to wait and see for news on a possible Pokémon crossover. (Picture: Epic Games)

For now, though, we'll all just have to wait and see for more news regarding the next crossover coming to Fortnite from Epic Games and whether or not it may be the iconic Pokémon franchise. Regardless, we'll be covering the next Fortnite crossover in depth once it's released, so be sure to check back here soon once official news is made public.