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Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes (July 2023)

Hide from your enemies or seek them out with our guide on the best Prop Hunt map codes to use in Fortnite Creative.
Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes (July 2023)

Prop Hunt is a fan favorite Fortnite Creative game mode among many players, and aside from the fun to be had in the mode itself, you also have tons of maps to choose from to play Prop Hunt in. So if you're curious about which maps are the best to stick to when playing Prop Hunt, then you're in the right place.

Below we will be giving you a list of the best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes, giving you the best map options out of the many. So let's dive right in. 

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes map choice is vital to success
Whether hunting or hiding, the map you play will affect your victory in Prop Hunt mode. (Picture: Epic Games)

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes

Prop Hunt mode is essentially a more exciting version of hide-and-seek, where the hiders can take on the appearance of almost any decorative object on the map. This means the map you play on significantly affects the game overall and choosing the best ones for tactical or aesthetic purposes.

So below, you'll find a list of the best Prop Hunt map codes to try when playing Fortnite Creative. 

Roller Disco Prop Hunt

Code - 3948-7015-9316

Roller Disco Prop Hunt features tons of bright 80s-style items and a nostalgic environment that makes each round feel like a party as much as a game of high-stakes hide-and-seek. The items on the map can either stick out like a sore thumb or blend in perfectly with the environment giving both sides a fair chance at victory. 

The Yacht Prop Hunt

Code - 7257-6466-2198

For Call of Duty fans, this map will feel like a blast from the past as you can now enjoy HUnt Props mode on the iconic yacht featured in the Hijacked map. Due to the map's small size, it's the ideal map for hiders who want a more challenging experience. 

Cozy Cafe Prop Hunt

Code - 8851-5874-9250

This map provides players with a cozy coffee shop with various objects to hide while they watch the hunters frantically shoot every piece of furniture in the store. It provides a good balance between various items and a small space to hide in for many tense and tactical gameplay moments. 

Toy Store Prop Hunt

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes toy store good balance for pros and newcomers
Because of the map size and amount of items in the Toy Store Prop Hunt map, hunters and hiders have advantages, resulting in exciting and tense gameplay. (Picture: Dropnite)

Code - 8760-1807-7616

In the Toy Store Prop Hunt map, players must hide while posing as a toy in a toy store. Some hunters have mentioned that the map can be complex due to the abundance of small objects and toys, but in attempts to balance it, they have various tools at their disposal that should simplify the task. 

Once you get your bearings on this map, the Toy Store Prop Hunt can be the ideal introduction to the Prop Hunt game mode. 

Stray Kite Farms Prop Hunt

Code - 6069-9263-9110

One of the most well-liked variations of the Prop Hunt maps is the Stray Kite Farms and for a good reason. They're crammed with tons of objects to hide as, so as a hunter, you'll have to be vigilant, and as a hider, you'll need to pick your hiding spot carefully as hunters will be inspecting every single nook and cranny. 

One feature that makes it unique and more challenging for the hiders is a time-limited ping feature that becomes louder the closer a hidden person is to the hunter.

So there you have it, all the best Fortnite Prop Hunt map codes in Creative. We will endeavor to update this article once more awesome Prop Hunt map codes become available.