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Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0: All Rewards and How To Play

In this guide, we'll explore how to play the new Refer a Friend 3.0 program in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, and highlight the rewards you and your friends can claim after completing its challenges.
Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0: All Rewards and How To Play
Epic Games

The highly-anticipated V26.20 update has hit Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, and it's not coming alone! Alongside exciting Star Wars crossover content, there's a fantastic feature called "Refer a Friend" returning to the game that encourages players to jump back into the Fortnite universe. This feature initially made its debut in Fortnite back in 2021, and now it's returning in a grand 3.0 version.

Get ready because the Refer a Friend 3.0 feature is brimming with opportunities for both newcomers and seasoned players to snag some incredible rewards. If you're eager to dive into this with your friends, we've got you covered. Below, we'll take you through the ins and outs of how to play the Refer a Friend 3.0 mode in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, and we'll unveil the rewards waiting for you along the way. 

How To Play Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0 in Chapter 4 Season 4

The Fortnite Refer a Friend program is relatively straightforward. Players can invite friends who haven't played Fortnite extensively into the game and complete in-game tasks to earn rewards for both the referrer (the player doing the inviting) and the referee (the player being invited). While it appears simple on the surface, there are several steps to follow, which we'll outline below.

Fortnite How To Play Refer A Friend 3.0
The process of taking part in the Refer a Friend program is described below and begins with heading to the official Refer a Friend Fortnite page. (Picture: Epic Games)

To participate in the Refer a Friend 3.0 Program, players need to:

  1. Register on the Refer a Friend website using their Epic account.
  2. Invite up to five eligible friends through the website to play Fortnite.
  3. Complete in-game tasks together.
  4. Earn in-game rewards, including the new Redcap Outfit.

Once registered and logged into the Refer a Friend website, the "referrer" can invite friends ("referees") to complete Refer a Friend tasks in Fortnite together. To be eligible as an invitee, a player must have played Fortnite's Battle Royale or Zero Build - Battle Royale modes for less than 2 hours within the 30 days before receiving the invitation.

Fortnite How To Play Refer A Friend 3.0 Details
Once players are signed up and have their "referred" friends, they can complete challenges to obtain some awesome rewards. (Picture: Epic Games)

Both inviters and invitees can accumulate points, as specified on the program's sign-up page, by completing the designated tasks. Upon reaching certain point thresholds, both the inviter and the invitee will receive the associated in-game reward. There are five-point thresholds, each offering a unique in-game reward.

Both inviters and invitees need to be in-game friends to participate in this program. Only inviters need to register on the program website, but invitees can also register to monitor their task progress. Keep in mind that if you participate as an inviter, you won't be able to later participate as an invitee, and vice versa.

Please note that while inviters can engage with up to five different invitees, each participant, whether an inviter or an invitee, can only earn each Refer a Friend 3.0 reward once. If you wish to participate with more than one invitee, you can start the task track anew with a different friend to help them earn the in-game rewards.

Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0 Chapter 4 Season 4 All Rewards

As far as we know, there are a total of 5 Redcap-themed rewards available to players through the Refer a Friend 3.0 program: the Redcap Spray, Wrap, Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Outfit. These rewards are gated behind point thresholds, although the specific thresholds are currently undisclosed. 

Fortnite Refer A Friend 3.0 And Rewards
There are a total of five rewards that players can grab if they meet the point requirements for each one. (Picture: Epic Games)

Rest assured that once these thresholds are made public, we'll update this listing with the necessary details. For now, prepare your list of friends for referral and welcome them back into Fortnite with a multitude of rewards to obtain and enjoyable challenges to complete.