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When Will the Shockwave Hammer Come Back to Fortnite?

In this article, we'll discuss when the Shockwave Hammer will be returning to Fortnite.
When Will the Shockwave Hammer Come Back to Fortnite?

The Shockwave Hammer was introduced during the recent transition into Fortnite Chapter 4 and was fairly popular among players thanks to its ability to help you traverse the map. But after some complaints about a glitch when using it, the popular weapon has been removed from the game. 

But not all is lost, as it appears the weapon will be returning to the game with the glitch patched out. So below, we'll take a look at the Shockwave Hammers' return to Fortnite and when it will be back in the game. 

When Will the Shockwave Hammer Come Back to Fortnite?

As mentioned previously, the Shockwave Hammer was introduced in the recent Chapter of Fortnite, Chapter 4. And while the weapon was well received for its ability to slam against the ground and hurl you across the map, letting you cover huge distances quickly, it wasn't perfect. 

Shockwave Hammer Come Back To Fortnite After Bug Fix
The Shockwave hammer was originally removed due to a bug but after a recent patch it's on its way back into the game. (Picture: Epic Games)

A glitch was discovered that allowed players to jump infinitely using the hammer by slamming it into the water, and when landing on the ground, you could jump indefinitely, earning the name "Infinite Hammer glitch." Many fans were quick to point out how unfair it made some engagements and broke the balance of combat in the game. Players couldn't target a player using this glitch easily as they moved too quickly, and when landing, the hammer dealt huge AOE (area of effect) damage. 

In response to this outcry, Epic Games removed the hammer from the game, but luckily, it seems it won't be gone for long. The developers at Epic Games have announced in a recent Tweet that the hammer will return after a small patch to the game, which will fix the glitch, among other things, and give all players a fair shake when the Shockwave Hammer is in use. 

This means that all players can expect the Shockwave Hammer to return to the game soon and that the glitch will no longer be there to exploit. This will satisfy all parties involved as the hammer will be a balanced option to use in battle with a proper cooldown, and when used effectively, it can be an awesome option to make fights in the game more varied and enjoyable. 

Wait and when Shockwave Hammer Comes Back To Fortnite
Many players are excited to have the Shockwave Hammer return to the game now that it's been fixed. (Picture: Epic Games)

So, for now, all we have to do is be patient as we await the Shockwave Hammers' return to Fortnite. And be sure to check back here soon for more news on the latest Fortnite glitches, patches, and much more.