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Simplicity Esports to host nationwide Fortnite tournament on Black Friday

Simplicity Esports announced today that in a joint effort with PLAYlive Nation, they will be hosting the first national esports tournament. Simplicity Esports says Fortnite was the obvious choice for the tournament and gamers from all backgrounds can join the tournament for free and try their hand at a chance to win the ,000 cash prize. The tournament will take place across 47 different locations in the US, including 32 shopping malls.

Simplicity said the idea for the tournament came about by wanting to “give the general public a chance to compete with little to no entry-hurdles and for a small prize incentive.” Simplicity assures fans that there are more tournaments planned through the rest of 2019 and not all of them will be played on Fortnite, with more information to be released in the “near future.” President of Simplicity Esports Roman Franklin said of the new tournament, “It’s exciting to offer the esports gaming community the opportunity to compete in a National Tournament utilizing our nationwide footprint of esports gaming centers … this holiday season represents an advantageous time to further introduce our brand and offerings to the public."

Since the company’s inception in 2017, Simplicity Esports have dedicated themselves to creating a gaming community, which makes their partnership with PLAYlive Nation more than justified with their multiple gaming lounges located nationwide. With locations in 14 states, Simplicity said Black Friday was the best day to host the tournament with most gamers already being out shopping to take advantage of deals for the annual “holiday.”

Click here to see if a location is near you.