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When Does Fortnitemares Start? Fortnite Halloween 2023 Event

With Halloween on the horizon, when is Fortnitemares set to start in Fortnite?
When Does Fortnitemares Start? Fortnite Halloween 2023 Event

October holds a lot of excitement for fans of live service games. Whether you're playing Warzone, Apex Legends, or Fortnite, each game tends to celebrate the spooky season in its own way. For Fortnite, Epic Games annually holds the Fortnitemares event which introduces a number of limited-time quests, challenges and cosmetics across Battle Royale and Creative.

In 2022, Fortnitemares gave players the chance to turn themselves into Werewolves thanks to special Alteration Altars. Once transformed, players gained possession of supernatural abilities such as the Howler Claws and the Wolfscent Ability. On top of that, unvaulted items such as Candy and the Pumpkin Launcher made a return in-game.

Fortnitemares usually kicks off around mid-October, but it has been known to start earlier. Below, we'll go over when you can expect the Fortnitemares event to start ramping up, and what could be on the cards this year.

Update 6 October: We've updated this article with the latest news regarding Fortnitemares 2023.

Fortnitemares 2023 Start Date

On Oct. 6, Epic Games revealed that Fortnitemares will begin on Oct. 10. This means that the Fortnitemares content drop will arrive with the v26.30 update. 

This lines up with the mid-October start date we've seen in previous years. Fortnitemares 2022 arrived with the v22.20 update on October 18, 2022, though Fortnitemares 2023 will begin earlier in the month.

Fortnitemares 2023 Leaks: What We Know So Far

While it's still early days, a few leaks have already emerged on what we could see during this year's Fortnitemares. Leaker @Wensoing on X (Twitter) claims that two new Reality Augments could be set to arrive: 

  • Witchy Warrior - 20% faster cooldown on the Witch Broom
  • Trick or Treat - 10 more health when eating any Candy

The arrival of these Reality Augments also suggest that the Witch Broom will be unvaulted, along with Candy. According to @SentinelCentral, Fortnitemares 2023 will also see the return of the Horde Rush LTM, which will feature the unreleased Sticky Grenade Launcher. Evo-Chrome weapons will also reportedly be unvaulted. Kado Thorn is also rumored to take on a vampiric appearance, likely acting as a boss fight this season. 

As always, we'll endeavor to update this page as more information is made available. Be sure to check back regularly ahead of the Fortnitemares rollout on October 10.