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When Does The Titan Hand Appear In Fortnite?

A Titan Hand is set to emerge from the ground in Fortnite, so when is it expected to happen?
When Does The Titan Hand Appear In Fortnite?
via @Guille_GAG

Over the past few days, a new event has been teased both in-game and online. According to notable Fortnite leakers, such as iFireMonkey, a giant Titan Hand is expected to burst up out of the ground, and will be tied to upcoming Odyssey quests.

Given how bizarre this temporary addition to Fortnite is, players are excited to witness it for themselves. So, when is the Titan Hand set to appear?

Update 1 March: We've updated this article with more information surrounding the Titan Hand and its speculated appearance. 

When Does The Mysterious Titan Hand Appear In Fortnite?

The Titan Hand could be a signal of what's to come in Fortnite's next season. (Picture via HYPEX)

According to iFireMonkey, the Titan Hand was expected to appear on Thursday, 29 February, as this is supposedly when the Odyssey quests are set to go live. However, as of March 1, the hand has still yet to appear. Cracks are still visible for where the hand is expected to emerge from. 

If you've been playing Fortnite lately, you may have experienced in-game earthquakes every hour. According to iFireMonkey, the Titan Hand was expected to erupt on earthquake number 46, which would have set its appearance time at 11 AM ET on February 29. 

Cracks have been forming around where the Titan Hand will spawn, with more cracks appearing at various times. There were five cracks in total that appeared over the following times between Feb. 28 and Feb. 29:

  • Crack 1 - 10 PM ET
  • Crack 2 - 7 AM ET
  • Crack 3 - 4 PM ET
  • Crack 4 - 1 AM ET
  • Crack 5 - 10 AM ET

As posted by HYPEX, a hint from a Fortnite dev said, "That crater is awfully small. I'd think it would need to get bigger before anything interesting happens." Lava has since appeared around the cracks.

It remains to be seen what role the Titan Hand will play in the wider Fortnite ecosystem, but for now we know that players will come face-to-face with it via some upcoming quests.