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Forza Horizon 5 Kim Jung-un KFC car gets player banned for 8,000 years

A Forza Horizon 5 player got more than what they bargained for as they were slapped with an 8,000-year ban for a custom Kim-Jong-un design.
Forza Horizon 5 Kim Jung-un KFC car gets player banned for 8,000 years

Forza Horizon 5 has allowed its players to express their creative freedom with the game’s massive customisation options from the car’s exteriors to Drivatars. While there are some restrictions in place that are reasonable by most standards, one player opted to test those limits and has learned a lesson the hard way.

A Forza Horizon 5 player felt the wrath of Turn 10 Studios when they got served an 8,000-year ban for in-game livery. The livery design, which was shared on Reddit, had many people question whether the player got what they deserved or if the offence justifies the ban.

FH5 player in hot water over controversial livery

Reddit user AllThingsRacing uploaded the post on behalf of their friend detailing the series of events that led to their friend’s ban. The poster mentioned that this was the first time that their friend has received an in-game ban from Turn 10 Studios and had never been banned in other games before this.

“So my friend just told me that he got an 8,000-year ban for one of his liveries, looks like T10 doesn’t like jokes or something. He never received any warning before this ban either.”

The livery in question features North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s face beside the logo of the fast-food chain, KFC.

The livery also includes a hashtag that reads “Send Nukes” with the New Balance logo that has been modified to read “Nuke Balance” and a Nike banner that was changed to “Nuke”.

forza horizon 5 forza horizon 5 livery forza horizon 5 kim jong un forza horizon 5 kfc forza horizon 5 ban message
A player received this message notifying them of their ban from Forza Horizon 5. (Picture: Reddit / AllThingsRacing)

The poster further elaborated that the ban was handed down by Turn 10 Studios’ Enforcement Team and not the game’s developer, Playground Games. Turn 10 Studios are the developing team behind the Forza Motorsport series.

They continued to explain that since the news broke about their friend’s in-game ban, many media outlets reported that their friend has had a history of designing liveries quite similar to the Forza Horizon 5 livery. They refuted claims by stating that this isn’t the case.

forza horizon 5 forza horizon 5 livery forza horizon 5 kim jong un forza horizon 5 kfc
The livery in question that got a Forza Horizon 5 player banned. (Picture: Reddit / AllThingsRacing)

“This is not true! I’ve known him for the better part of over a year and this is the one and only time he has ever made a livery like this one”, the poster commented.

While there haven’t been any developments on the story since the post’s upload a few days ago, it has yet to be determined whether the player will appeal the ban decision.

Until more information becomes available, we advise Horizon players not to create such liveries or designs in-game or risk getting banned until the year 10,021.


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Featured image courtesy of Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios.