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Battlefield V will receive no more content after this summer

The last big update for Battlefield V will come this summer, DICE and Electronic Arts announced.
Battlefield V will receive no more content after this summer
The development cycle for Battlefield V is finally coming to an end this summer, EA announced earlier today.

Current Battlefield V Chapter, Into the Jungle, will end on April 29, and DICE is planning to bring the last free update in June.

Here's the content planned for the last update, as is written in EA community update:

  • New Content: A new update will be released this summer.
  • Weekly Rewards: Following the summer update, you’ll receive Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as Weekly Rewards, giving you a chance to unlock gear you may have missed.
  • Events and Activities: We’re also planning various weekly initiatives such as the reintroduction of #FridayNightBattlefield servers, where the community can play Battlefield V in a friendly atmosphere. Throwback Thursdays, where we'll look to bring you together across all of our Battlefield titles are in the works, too.
  • We are continuing our work on Community Games Updates. We are committed to bringing these to the game and we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect them to start coming online.

Battlefield fans are generally very disappointed with how Battlefield V ended up to be, and the current state of the game leaves much to be desired.

In the end, we've never got Normandy, Stalingrad, Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge... in a war game about WWII, which is an absolute shame. The community was mostly ignored and their feedback DICE has never listened. The general feeling is that more money and resources went into cosmetics and other purchasable things then into the gameplay and other meaningful content.

DICE is now probably switching to the full development of a next-gen Battlefield game, and we can only hope that they have learned from their mistakes and will bring Battlefield back to its former glory.