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Free Fire Happy Women's Day Event: How to get crates, heroes, and more for free

A new event to celebrate International Women's Day will be active for the next few days in the famous battle royale Free Fire. Here's how to get free rewards!
Free Fire Happy Women's Day Event: How to get crates, heroes, and more for free

In honour of this year's International Women's Day, a day that commemorates the women's fight for their equality in society, Garena will hold a special Happy Women's Day event in their popular battle royale title Free Fire.

During the next few days, there will be different rewards available within this limited-time event, which will change depending on which part of the world you are in.

Free Fire Happy Women's Day: How to get rewards?

Many of these rewards will be available just by entering the game, where you will receive bouquet tokens on a daily basis for completing different challenges or by login in.

Free Fire Happy Women’s Day event
(Picture: Garena)

These rewards will range from special crates and vouchers to exclusive weapon and pet skins, which will also vary depending on the server you belong to. Europe has the pet skin Blue Fox, and the Americas region has the pet skin Sakura Ottero.

However, the main ones will come near the 8th of March, where players will have the possibility of getting several female characters for free in exchange for their tokens, the following being available depending on the region:


  • Kelly

  • Nikita

  • Olivia

  • Misha

  • Paloma

  • Caroline

  • Moco


  • Laura

  • Moco

  • Kapella

  • Caroline

  • Notora

  • Paloma

  • A124

  • Steffie

  • Shani

Free Fire Happy Women’s Day event rewards
(Picture: Garena)

On the last day of the event, Garena will give everyone a panda backpack, as a gift for all those who were part of this special celebration.

Until when will Happy Women’s Day be active?

The Happy Women's Day event, as well as its bouquet token rewards, will be available until 8th March in Europe, and until 12th March in the Americas.