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Best Free Fire players in the world (2022)

Check out this list of the best Free Fire players in the world in 2022 as the mobile battle royale is still ultra-popular and competitive.
Best Free Fire players in the world (2022)

It's safe to say Free Fire has remained an ultra-popular mobile title since releasing back in November of 2017. The game has continued to improve as updates to the graphics, animations, and much more have kept Free Fire up to the highest standards of mobile gaming.

As the popularity of the game continues to rise, so too does the overall skill level of competitive players. If you're looking to check out the top-tier gameplay, here are the best Free Fire players in the world in 2022.

Best Free Fire players in 2022

Best Free Fire players in 2022
Check out all the best Free Fire players in 2022. (Picture: Garena / 111dots Studio)


One of the world's most popular Free Fire players for quite some time now, Nobru is held in very high regard amongst his contemporaries in the Free Fire sphere. Nobru was named MVP of the 2019 Free Fire world series with Corinthians and has remained amongst the title's most recognizable players.

Though he has since moved on as Nobru helped create team Fluxo, where he now resides as CEO and co-founder. With such an impressive resume, there's no question why Nobru is one of the best Free Fire players in 2022.

Nobru is still one of the most popular Free Fire players in 2022. (Picture: Nobru / Garena)


Another of the more well-known Free Fire players, M8N has a massive following on YouTube and is recognized globally for his stellar gameplay clips. Playing Free Fire on the Middle East server, M8N is based out of Egypt and remains one of the biggest stars in Free Fire during 2022.

M8N Free Fire best players 2022
M8N is amongst the best Free Fire players in 2022. (Picture: M8N / Garena)


Widely regarded as the Fastest Free Fire player in the world, Raistar can typically be found playing the title for Gyan Gaming. Raistar's skills have been so impressive that multiple high-ranking players have previously accused him of hacking, though the claims never produced any merit. With almost 7 million subscribers on YouTube, expect to see Raistar remain near the top of most Free Fire lists.

Raistar vs Nisha Gyan Gaming
Raistar has previously defeated multiple high-profile Free Fire players. (Picture: Gyan Gaming / Garena)

White FF

Another iconic Free Fire player, White FF is world-renowned for his epic headshots showcasing his outstanding precision and skill. The Brazil-based mobile player has also done well to garner an immense YouTube following with over 2.2 million subscribers to his channel.

White FF Free Fire headshot
The headshot king of Free Fire, White FF is an ultra-popular mobile player. (Picture: White FF / Garena)

TSG Legend

A prominent member of the TSG Army esports franchise, TSG Legend is an extremely talented Free Fire player based out of the India region. Featuring a mix of both competitive gameplay and humorous content, his YouTube channel has seen a massive growth up to 1.2+ million followers.

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Featured image via Garena / 111dots Studio.