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Free Fire
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Free Fire x Street Fighter V collab: Release date, trailer, new characters, skins and more

Garena has announced the collaboration between Free Fire and Street Fighter V. Here’s what we know, from the release date to leaks, skins, new characters and more.
Garena often introduces exciting collaborations for Free Fire fans from time to time to bring new content to the game while keeping the players engaged. This time, they have partnered with Capcom to bring the theme and in-game items based on the popular fighting game Street Fighter V. 

The collaboration was leaked a few days ago, and as per the leaks, it will bring new characters based on Street Fighter V, along with new skins, emotes and more. The partnership will take place after the release of the Free Fire OB28 update, and here are the complete details of the Free Fire x Street Fighter V collaboration.

Free Fire x Street Fighter V: Release date & trailer

As per the official announcement, Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration event will start in July; however, the exact date has not been revealed by Garena. The partnership will take place globally, which means players from every region will be able to enjoy this crossover and here’s a look at the official trailer released:

In addition to this, a crossover between Free Fire and McLaren has also been officially announced that will be taking place soon.


Free Fire x Street Fighter V Leaks & Skins

Free Fire x Street Fighter collab release date skins leaks capcom garenaFree Fire x Street Fighter V Collab Leaks (Picture: Garena)

Although Garena has not given the details of what events or in-game items will be there in Free Fire as a part of this collaboration, the trailer and leaks have suggested the addition of the following items:

  • Chun-Li Character
  • Ryu Character
  • Ryu backpack
  • Ryu ice
  • Chun-li package
  • Ryu set
  • Chun-li set
  • Lobby tree
  • T-shirt Ryu
  • Granada Hadouken
  • Ryket Special Royale Ticket
  • Mag-7 Chun-li
  • Mp5 Chun-li
  • Emote Hadouken

Not only this, the collaboration will be available for both games, which is evident from the fact that the trailer shows Bermuda map as one of the options in Street Fighter V, and the game might also get characters from Free Fire as a part of this crossover.

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