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Genshin Impact 3.4 Leaks Teases New Explorable Area & World Boss

The Genshin Impact 3.4 Special Program livestream confirmed rumors of a new explorable area, Point of Interest, and a World Boss residing in the Sumeru desert coming in the 3.4 update.
Genshin Impact 3.4 Leaks Teases New Explorable Area & World Boss

Genshin Impact leaks have become relatively scarce, but for the few still circulating, some have seemed to tease a possible new explorable area in the Sumeru desert. This leak dates back to October 2022 from a now-deleted post from Genshin BLANK's Twitter account; however, another notable Genshin Impact source has expanded on the leak.

The rumored Sumeru desert expansion is centered on a new Point of Interest (POI); the desert sandstorm was confirmed in the recent 3.4 Special program livestream, and its geographical location covers its surrounding area north of the current desert area from the 3.1 update and it will include the Sandworm Cave, a new World Boss who will arise from this area.

14th January 2023 Update: HoYoverse confirmed during the 3.4 Special program livestream that the new desert map expansion adds a new playable area, the Desert of Hadramaveth. We'll endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.
genshin impact leaks 3.4 update sumeru map expansion new world boss wind bitten sandworm location
A Genshin Impact dataminer revealed the map location for the 3.4 World Boss, the Wind-Bitten Sandworm. (Picture: Twitter / SagiriShape)

The previous map expansion leak confirms the new World Boss with its location reportedly positioned close to the sandstorm entrance. According to a tweet from Genshin Mains, the description for the new World Boss reads as follows: "An eyeless predator from deep within the Great Red Sand that will use sound and the quaking of the earth to seek out its prey.:

It's worth pointing out that the leaked name for the World Boss is the Wind-Bitten Sandworm; however, it could be subject to change upon launch. Furthermore, this sandstorm is rumored to be divided into three sections or subareas: the inner, center, and outer areas.

Similarly, this sandstorm will have two difficulties, namely Normal and Sandstorm Mode, which serves as the Hard difficulty; however, confirmation on how this will function. We could look at similar weather features previously added to the game, like the rainy location on Yashiori Island and the lightning areas of Inazuma.

This sandstorm location will add a new city, Gurtabad City, which will likely position itself as the entry point to the sandstorm location. We could expect various places to visit and explore, including shops, NPCs, and Teleport Waypoints, for accessible traveling.

genshin impact leaks 3.4 update sumeru map expansion new explorable area sandstorm
What lies within the sandstorm is anyone's guess, but there are a few caves and a nearby city to explore. (Picture: Twitter / Genshin Mains)

Besides the Sandworm Cave, other locations may be added in the Sumeru map expansion for the 3.4 update. According to the deleted tweet from Genshin BLANK (via dotesports), other locations arriving with the next map expansion can be found through exploration, which includes the following:

  • Eremite Black Market Camp
  • Aranara Cave
  • King Deshret Cave
  • God of Wisdom Cave
  • Grass Dragon Cave
  • Kusalani Cave
  • Sand Ruins
  • Eternal Oasis

Until we receive further confirmation on the leaks regarding the new Sumeru map expansion and the upcoming World Boss, we advise Travelers to await more confirmation. As such, we'll endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.