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Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade Location, Farming Guide

Clearwater Jade is Xianyun's ascension material in Genshin Impact, and here are its exact locations in Liyue.
Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade Location, Farming Guide
Picture: HoYoverse

With every new Genshin Impact update, we get new characters in the game, and to ascend them, we need to farm their ascension materials. One of them is the Clearwater Jade which is an ascension material required to ascend characters like Xianyun, and it will become available in Genshin Impact 4.4 update to farm.

As per its in-game description, it is "A jade from Chenyu Vale named for its cool, refreshing touch, being akin to cool water." Since Xianyun is associated with Liyue, you will be able to find Clearwater Jade there as well; however, however, it will be a difficult task to explore a massive region to farm them, and thus, here are their exact locations to save you a lot of time.

Genshin Impact: Clearwater Jade Farming Location

You will need Clearwater Jade to ascend Xianyun in Genshin Impact.
You will need Clearwater Jade to ascend Xianyun in Genshin Impact. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Clearwater Jade is a local specialty of the Liyue, and as per Honey Impact, you will find plenty of it in Chenyu Vale: Southern Mountain. Since the Genshin Impact 4.4 update hasn't been released yet, we don't know their exact locations; however, we will update this page once the patch is out on January 31.

You will need a total of 168 Clearwater Jade to ascend Xianyun to her highest level, and as per the speculations, you can farm around 80 of them in a single run. After that, you will have to wait for them to respawn to grab the next batch.

You can travel fast from one location to another by using Teleport Waypoints and the Statue of Seven to collect them quickly. In addition to this, make sure that your HP is enough to fight enemies, as you might encounter some while exploring.