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Game-breaking bug in "Equilibrium" quest being reported in Genshin Impact

Users are reporting a game-breaking bug where a quest specific slime isn’t spawning, leaving the quest unable to be completed and locking players out of co-op indefinitely.
Game-breaking bug in "Equilibrium" quest being reported in Genshin Impact

Players have been diving into the latest main quests for Genshin Impact with the patch 1.1 update. Unfortunately, it seems that one of those quests is severely bugged.

Some - though not all, it must be stressed - players have been experiencing a game-breaking bug in the Equilibrium quest, where a quest specific slime isn’t being spawned. The slime is supposed to drop a key ingredient required to complete the quest, and without the quest stays permanently uncompleted.

That has two knock one effects: one), the story cannot be progressed further, and two), the affected player is locked out of co-op play which is a big deal with the upcoming co-op events.

Genshin Impact equilibrium bug(Photo: miHoYo)

A number of people both on reddit and the official miHoYo forums have flagged the issue, but there has been no work-around solution from the community nor has miHoYo released a fix as yet.

While a fix is undoubtedly in the works, it might be worth holding off on starting Equilibrium until then. We’ll keep you updated if and when the issue is fixed or a work around is discovered.