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Genshin Impact Amber guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Here’s a guide to the Knights of Favonius’ only Outrider and Wind Glider extraordinaire, Amber. Now where did Baron Bunny go…?
Genshin Impact Amber guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Amber is the Traveller’s first party member (as emergency food, Paimon doesn’t count) and holds a dear place in many players’ hearts. The issue is she’s... quite bad.

An awkward Elemental Skill and Burst and lacklustre base stats mean Amber is often quickly relegated to lighter duty, to be brought out only when there’s a Pyro puzzle to be solved.

But not to despair! This guide will help you find ways to put a spark into Amber for those determined to run her.

Genshin Impact Amber guide


There are a few good Bow choices for Amber, but they often tie her in to particular play patterns, so be advised!

Amos’ Bow

best weapons for Amber in Genshin impact
(Picture: miHoYo)

Amos’ Bow looks to max out Amber’s Aimed Shot damage, synergising with her Precise Shot skill to turn her into a sniper par-excellence. Hit enemies from as far away as you can and reap the benefits of Strong-Willed… as long as you have the aim to hit those enemy weak spots!

It’s even better if you have Amber at Constellation Level 1 to make the most out of One Arrow to Rule Them All.

The Stringless

genshin impact stringless amber
(Picture: miHoYo)

An enabler focused option. Arrowless Song along with the Elemental Mastery look to make the most out of Explosive Puppet and Fiery Rain, setting up others in your team to abuse the Pyro application.

If you have Constellation Level 2 on Amber, and therefore have manual detonation for Baron Bunny, you can make even more use of this.

Favonius Warbowgenshin impact amber character guide
(Picture: miHoYo)

A similar mindset to The Stringless, except putting greater emphasis on using Amber’s Elemental Burst as often as possible. Excellent Energy Recharge goes a long way to accomplishing that by itself, but the Windfall ability is also pretty easy to use with Amber thanks to Fiery Rain itself having a passable Crit Rate due to Every Arrow Finds Its Target.

A cheaper option is to look to the 3* Bow Slingshot and play a mirrored style to Amos’ Bow, i.e. getting close to your opponents, and Rust and Compound Bow are other DPS options.


Amber best artifacts genshin impactTime to move on from those beginner artifact sets! (Picture: miHoYo)

Artifact sets for Amber tend to fall into one of two categories: amplifying her utility or maximising her DPS, in particular her charged shots.

Speaking of, 4-piece Wanderer’s Troupe is a great option for Amber players who want to utilise her empowered charged shots, offering them an additional 35% damage while also indexing into Elemental Mastery. Run this set witn Constellation Level 1 and Amos’ Bow as a weapon, and Amber can be made into a passable DPS.

Another option is 2-piece Crimson Witch of Flames and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale, making the most out of low HP Baron Bunnies, Charged Shots, and Amber’s Elemental Burst to maximise Amber’s Pyro damage with the Attack and Pyro DMG amp from these artifacts.

On the other end of the scale running full Noblesse Oblige is your best option in running Amber as an enabler or support for your team, prioritising her Elemental Burst. The artifact set increases Fiery Rains damage by 20% and buffs the party’s Attack after using her Burst. Use her Elemental Skill and Burst as often as possible, then switch out to characters who can make use of Pyro.

Instructor and The Exile also make for solid artifact sets, with the former empowering Elemental Reactions for her and the party while the latter cuts down on Fiery Rain’s cooldown significantly.

best artifacts amber
(Picture: miHoYo)

Artifact Stats

The decision here is between a Charged Shot/DPS build, or an Elemental Skill and Burst-focused support and Elemental Reaction build. Nothing extraordinary about that. 

However, there is one key difference to many of our other guides - this one includes a recommended stat to avoid:

Do not build HP. 

Baron Bunny’s HP scales of Amber’s HP and you want him to die as quick as possible to apply Pyro to your enemies. If you really want to go for a taunt build you can, but it’s not all that effective. 

With that:

DPS stat priority

  1. Pyro DMG Goblet
  2. Crit Rate (50~%)
  3. Crit DMH
  4. ATK
  5. Energy Recharge


  1. Energy Recharge
  2. Elemental Mastery
  3. ATK

Play Patterns

Amber tends to have two distinct play patterns.

The easiest to pull off involves using Amber’s Elemental Skill and Burst to apply Pyro, then switching to a character to proc an Elemental Reaction on all the nicely grouped enemies gathered by Explosive Puppet. In other words, taunts and Pyro application for the rest of the team to profit off.

Amber guide genshin impact weapons and artefacts
(Picture: miHoYo)

The more challenging alternative is to go for constant aimed shots, aiming to make use of Amber’s Precise Shot which increases her Attack by 15% when she hits an enemy’s weak spot with a fully charged Aimed Shot.

If you can get her to Constellation Level 1, then this style becomes a lot more viable due to the double Aimed Shot mechanic she unlocks, and similarly again at C2 which unlocks manually detonating Baron Bunny with Aimed Shots.

To make the most of Amber, you’re likely going to want another Pyro user for Attack boost from Elemental Resonance, and then the likes of Mona, Keqing, or Chongyun to apply maximum AoE elemental damage to enemies gathered up by Explosive Puppet.


Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how to make Amber more viable. See you on the 12th floor of the Abyss, eh?