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Two more Genshin Impact Dendro elemental reactions leaked

Genshin Impact's Dendro element gains two new elemental reactions with Electro and Hydro with their status effect and descriptions detailed.
Two more Genshin Impact Dendro elemental reactions leaked

Genshin Impact's inclusion of seven elements guides each region in Teyvat through its corresponding Archon. While Travelers have been accustomed to six elements, the seventh has remained a mystery for most of the game's narrative.

Thanks to recent leaks, we have learned more about the Dendro element and its corresponding region, Sumeru. A prominent Genshin Impact source uncovered new information regarding Dendro's elemental reactions, which should provide insight into how to best use them during battles.

Two more Dendro elemental reactions have been revealed

Dendro is one of the seven known elements in Genshin Impact; however, there hasn't been much information available since the game's release. It's also the most intriguing element as many Travelers have yet to determine how its elemental reactions will work with other elements.

genshin impact teyvat seven elements archons regions dendro sumeru
Dendro is one of the more mysterious elements in Genshin Impact, as there hasn't been much info available. (Picture: HoYoverse)

As we're fast approaching the Sumeru region's release, we will also see the introduction of the Dendro element and meet new characters that wield this element. Recently, a notable Genshin Impact source, Genshin Intel, revealed further information on the elemental reaction for the Dendro element.

So far, we know just one Dendro elemental reaction with Pyro, in which the Burning reaction deals massive Pyro DMG gradually. Recently, two new elemental reactions were leaked online, namely Intensified and Overgrown.

According to Genshin Intel, when a Dendro character is paired up with an Electro ally, that increases Dendro and Electro DMG to the targeted enemy for seven seconds. When paired up, this will see one Electro particle dropped, which could be beneficial for taser teams.

The next elemental reaction is with the Hydro element, which, when paired up, drops mushrooms seeds that explode when more Hydro is given, dealing Dendro AoE DMG. The source didn't expand on the effect's duration or elaborate on the AoE DMG radius.

genshin impact teyvat seven elements dendro characters baizhu bubu pharmacy liyue
Baizhu, the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, is one of the few notable Dendro characters in Genshin Impact. (Picture: HoYoverse)

As expected, these were the elemental reactions many were expecting to work well with the Dendro element. Furthermore, the source revealed which elements won't work well, including Cryo, Anemo and Geo.

While the reactions to the leak have been relatively positive, one Traveler noted how bizarre that Dendro won't react well with Anemo or Geo. "Dendro not reacting with Anemo and geo is weird but sort of understandable, but not reacting with Cryo?? It's one of the main four elements," Twitter user Fullmetal_Gatcha responded.

They later added in a follow-up tweet that it "just seems weird the Dendro is the only element to not have reactions with certain elements. Hope they make it complete like the other, at least give it a reaction with Cryo,"

The addition of two more Dendro elemental reactions could see massive changes to meta, which we can expect to see more Pyro, Electro and Hydro characters appearing. As we anticipate Sumeru's release, approach these leaks with caution until official confirmation has been announced.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.