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HoYoverse launches official Genshin Impact HoYoWiki database

Developer HoYoverse has announced its official Genshin Impact database, HoYoWiki, produced with the dedicated Genshin Impact community.
HoYoverse launches official Genshin Impact HoYoWiki database

Travelers looking to find a database to search and read accurate information on characters, locations, weapons and enemies and more relating to Genshin Impact won't have to look anymore. Developer HoYoverse announced that it had launched the official game database, HoYoWiki, as the home for them to browse dedicated pages available on the site.

As the game's detailed lore continues to be one of the biggest attractions, finding a respected information hub is challenging to decide, with many available to access. With the launch of HoYoWiki, HoYoverse looks to attract new players to the game in light of the recent delay of the 2.7 update.

HoYoWiki launches in collaboration with dev, Genshin community

The HoYoverse is continuing its expansion as the developer official launched its Genshin Impact database platform, HoYoWiki, globally on 7th May 2022. According to the official announcement, this database is a collaboration between the developer and the dedicated Genshin Impact community, which serves as the data companion source for the game.

This database will "help Travelers review and record information about the world of Teyvat at any time" and any place across multiple devices. According to the developer, the database is available for you to search and read thousands of web entries across five categories: Character Archive, Weapon Archive, Artifact Archive, Enemies and Monsters, and Materials.

These sections make navigation streamlined but are also based on features the Traveler would use in-game. Additionally, the HoYoWiki has information on the numerous characters, including NPCs, that you have met along your journey.

genshin impact hoyowiki official database game information categories entries
The HoYoWiki features five categories which may be expanded on post-launch. (Picture: HoYoverse)

As Genshin Impact continues to expand and the world of Teyvat grows larger, undoubtedly, the developer will expand beyond these categories to house new and updated information. It's worth noting that the HoYoWiki isn't affiliated with similar databases, including the Honey Hunter website, which has been the preferred source for weapon and artifact information.

HoYoverse supplied the official link to the HoYoWiki database, as many of its features should be familiar to those who've used a Wiki page before. This database can be accessed on mobile devices and PC, and its interface is tailored to be both mobile and PC friendly.

genshin impact hoyowiki official database game information platform availability pc interface
The HoYoWiki can be accessed via mobile devices and PC, with both platforms optimised to fit both platforms. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Since the launch of the HoYoWiki, the developer has notified users of high traffic volumes, which resulted in outages with many unable to gain access. The developer has announced on social media that it will bring the database down for maintenance, thus making several of its features temporarily unavailable.

To further add to their woes, Travelers have commented on various discrepancies discovered on the HoYoWiki database; however, they cannot correct them. In one instance, a player had noticed an error regarding one of Yae Miko's Character Ascension materials which lists the Dew of Repudiation and not the Dragonheir's False Fin.

HoYoverse will likely be correcting these mistakes and more during the maintenance period. The database will serve as the official database for Genshin Impact; however, whether it will edge out its competitors post-launch, our guess is as good as yours.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.