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Genshin Impact Kamera gadget: How to get and use

We talk about how you can get the Kamera gadget in Genshin Impact whilst sharing the basics steps involved in using the gadget.
Genshin Impact Kamera gadget: How to get and use

Genshin Impact offers a mesmerizing open world filled with picturesque landscapes that are worth taking pictures of. Players can take snapshots in the game via Paimon's Menu -> Camera option, or they can get the Kamera gadget for talking pictures simultaneously, even while moving or doing any other action. 

Similar to many other gadgets, the Kamera is obtained via a quest. In this guide, we will talk about how exactly you can get and use the Kamera gadget. Whilst walking you through the associated world quest. 

How to get Kamera 

Genshin Impact Kamera gadget
Talk to Xu to start the Snapshots quest. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

The Kamera gadget is a quest reward that players can get by completing the Snapshots world quest given by Xu, one of the servants of Feiyun Commerce Guild. 

Snapshots world quest guide: How to get and complete

Players can take on the Snapshots world quest in Liyue Harbor. Go to Feiyun Slope and talk to Xu. 

Kamera gadget how to get in genshin impact
The player icon shows the Snapshots quest location. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)


Once you have the Snapshots quest, you have to deliver two pictures to the customers. And, the customers in question are Granny Shan and Tea Master Liu Su. 

Granny Shan Kamera gadget
Deliver picture to Granny Shan. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

You can find Granny Shan at her toy shop located near Liyue Harbor southern teleport waypoint. 

Kamera gadget
Deliver picture to Liu Su. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)


You can find Tea Master Liu Su at his usual place. Take the stairs next to Mingxing Jewellery. Follow the path, and it will lead you to Liu Su. 

After delivering the photos to the customers, go back to Xu and exhaust his dialogues. Doing so will complete the quest, and you will get the Kamera gadget. 

How to use Kamera

Genshin IMpact kamera gadget
Kamera gadget is found under the Gadgets section of your inventory. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Similar to other gadgets. To use the Kamera gadget, first, you have to equip it in your active gadget slot. You can do that by going to your Inventory -> Gadgets. Select the Kamera and click on equip button found in the bottom right corner of the game screen. 

  • On PC, you can press the 'Z' key to use the Kamera.

  • On mobile, you can tap on the gadget icon to use the Kamera.

  • On PS4 and PS5, you can press 'L1 + O' to use the Kamera.

That's all; this is how you get and use the Kamera gadget in Genshin Impact. 


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.