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Windblume Snapshots: Share your Genshin Impact photos to win Primogems and official merch

A new photography contest has been announced by miHoYo, where you can share your best moments from the Festival.
Windblume Snapshots: Share your Genshin Impact photos to win Primogems and official merch

With the arrival of the Windblume Festival to Genshin Impact, miHoYo has planned many activities to reward its fommunity after several months that have placed it among the most downloaded and played games worldwide.

As part of this, the game's community team has announced through the Genshin Impact forums a new photography contest based on the Windblume Festival, where players will be able to create multimedia content and receive some rewards both in and out of the game.

Windblume Snapshots: How to join

Windblume Snapshots is a photography contest focused on sharing your highlights from the Windblume Festival, through social networks.

Genshin Impact Windblume Snapshots
(Picture: miHoYo)

To participate, interested players must have reached at least Adventure Rank 10 or higher on any of the servers. If you meet this requirement, you will only have to take an in-game photo related to the theme of the event using the game’s camera option.

Once you have this, you will have to upload it to this website to personalize it with the special photo frame of the event, and then post your submission to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags #GenshinImpact #WindblumeSnapshots.

Unlike previous events, this will not have a limit on the number of submissions, so Travelers can post multiple pictures as long as submissions are being accepted.

Windblume Snapshots: Rewards

Windblume Snapshots rewards
(Picture: miHoYo)

Once the contest is over, winners will be randomly selected from the pool of Travelers who have successfully participated in the event, with only up to one prize won by each Traveler.

100 chosen will receive a total of 300 Primogems, while in an unprecedented gesture, 30 winners will receive an Official Mondstadt Character Merchandise Set. Due to the ongoing pandemic, delivery times for physical prizes may be prolonged.

Likewise, when the number of event participants exceeds 20,000, all players will receive a server-wide prize of 60 Primogems, via a redemption code.

Windblume Snapshots: Restrictions and dates

Windblume Snapshots dates
(Picture: miHoYo)

As the main rules of the contest, any shared work that violates laws, regulations, or social platforms' terms of use will be prohibited, while also publishing content not related to the event as advertisement links and other means of publicity will also be prohibited.

For one time only, photo processing for stylistic purposes will be permitted, and plagiarism, misappropriation, and other actions that violate others' copyright are strictly prohibited.

This contest will be open from the 22nd to the 29th March, while the winners will be announced and personally contacted through the social network where they have participated, on 7th April.

The delivery of rewards in-game and physically will start from 12th April.