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Genshin Impact Keqing guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

The Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, Keqing is as uncompromising on the field of battle as she is in her lore. We’re here to show you how to ride the lightning.
Genshin Impact Keqing guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Keqing, member of the Liyue Qixing and also a lightning ninja - ain’t that a combo. She’s a  5* drop and a DPS and burst powerhouse, so if you’ve been lucky enough to roll her this guide will help you set her up right.

Trust us - you’ll need it.

Bluntly, Keqing gets complex. There’s a myriad of ways to build, play and synergise her with other characters, and it can get a little overwhelming at times. This guide should help simplify things somewhat.

However, before we go any further, this is by no means the most in-depth Keqing guide on the internet - that honour goes to the 116-page guide put together by a group of very dedicated Keqing mains. That is… a lot, however, and this guide will be significantly more digestible.

Our recommendation? Start here, but if you need the answer to a very nuanced or esoteric situation, go check out that guide. We promise we won’t be too mad.

Genshin Impact Keqing guide

Keqing guide genshin impact
(Picture: miHoYo)

Playstyle Choice

Community consensus is that there are two main ways to build Keqing: prioritise Physical damage (dubbed the “AutoKeq”) or Electro damage (the “ElectroQueen”). This is important, as it affects everything from weapon choice to the way you play her.

The short of it is if you want to prioritise an auto-attack focused, sustained up-time, solo-carry build that is simpler to play, go AutoKeq. If you want to play a high mobility, ability-focused, reaction-heavy build that is more challenging to master, go ElectroQueen.

You can run both as sustained (keep Keqing out for long periods of time) or quick-swap (switch between full roster), but due to the nature of the builds, ElectroQueen tends to favour quick-swap if you’re looking for more reactions and vice-versa for AutoKeq.


So, with the two main build options in mind, here are some of the best weapon choices available to Keqing.

Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia
(Picture: miHoYo)

Stats-wise, it’s the best sword for either a Physical build and in contention for best in an Electro focused build, too. That might seem counter-intuitive, but the raw stats really are that good and Falcon’s Defiance doing 200% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies when Keqing is hit is just incredibly powerful.

As a bonus, it offers more flexibility to an ElectroQueen build, because your standard autos are innately more potent - useful against Electro enemies.

The Black Sword