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Genshin Impact Pity System: How it works, guarantee pulls and more

Genshin Impact's Pity system is a surefire way for Travelers to obtain either a 5-star character or weapon from their respective banners.
Genshin Impact Pity System: How it works, guarantee pulls and more

Genshin Impact's release schedule guarantees that a new playable character will be joining the game's growing roster. While there are only a few ways Travelers can acquire these characters whether through the main story or from limited events, the most common way is through the gacha or Wish system.

If Travelers are unlucky in obtaining either a character or weapon through their respective Wish banners, there is another opportunity to guarantee. This guide explains what the Pity system is, how it works, and how Travelers can ensure obtaining a 5-star character or weapon in Genshin Impact.

What is the Pity system in Genshin Impact?

The Pity system is a way for Travelers to guarantee pulling a rare character or weapon from the gacha or Wish system. Instead of spending plenty of Primogems endlessly for a character or weapon, the Pity system will assure many that they will acquire one regardless.

This comes into effect the moment they make their first Wish as it contributes towards their Pity count on a Character Event Wish banner. Essentially, every Wish made counts towards Pity until they reach a certain number ensuring a different result.

These drops are split into a 4-star character with a 10 Pity marker and a 5-star with a 90 Pity marker. This means that Travelers are guaranteed a 4-star character at ten pulls and a 5-star at 90 pulls.

genshin impact 2.0 update epitomized path mechanic
The Epitomized Path mechanic was introduced to Genshin Impact in the 2.0 update. (Picture: miHoYo)

For weapons, it's slightly different as miHoYo is a little forgiving, as they are guaranteed a 5-star weapon at 80 pulls. However, with the Epitomized Path mechanic, allowing Travelers "chart a course" towards obtaining a weapon of their choosing, earn them a Fate Point for obtaining a weapon they didn't choose.

Another question frequently asked within the Genshin Impact community is whether the Pity system resets after a pull. The answer is yes; it does; whether it's a 4-star or 5-star rarity, the counter will reset as there's no way Travelers can control it.

genshin impact pity system guide 2.4 character event wish banners shenhe xiao
If Travelers pull a featured 5-star character on their banner, they stand a 50/50 chance of pulling a 5-star character on their next pull. (Picture: miHoYo)

Secondly, the odds of pulling a rare character or weapon is vastly different. Typically, if a 4- or 5-star character or weapon pulled isn't the featured item, the next pull will guarantee a rare drop. If the featured item of a specific rarity is pulled, Travelers have 50% of pulling another item of the same rarity on the next turn.

This is why many opt to use Pity on Banners that have boosted drop-rate bonuses as it assures Travelers of acquiring items from a rarity class rather than using Primogems. Also, they are more likely to get what they want using the Pity system as the odds are always on their side.

What is Soft Pity?

Genshin Impact has a soft pity mechanic that decreases the number of Wishes needed for a 5-star item. The soft pity system kicks in between 75-80 Wishes, saving Travelers massively on Primogems.

This can come in handy for Character Event, and Standard Wish banners as the drop rates will slowly increase, meaning Travelers could get a 5-star character within this range. For Weapon Event Wish banners, the soft Pity starts at 65 pulls.

How to obtain a 5-star character or weapon?

genshin impact pity system guide 2.4 character event wish banners zhongli ganyu
Pity count does carry over between Character Event Wish banners. (Picture: miHoYo)

Using the Pity system is a clever way for Travelers to obtain characters and weapons through their respective banners. While Pity doesn't carry over between the character and weapon banners, they carry over on banners of the same type.

To put this into context, the pity count should have carried over from the Shenhe and Xiao banners to the Zhongli and Ganyu banners. Similarly, the 50/50 will also carry over if they had lost on either the Shenhe or Xiao banners; their next pull will guarantee them a 5-star character as long as they have enough Wishes.

genshin impact 2.4 update epitome invocation phase 2 weapons event wish banner
The 5-star weapons that featured in the Epitome Invocation banner in the 2.4 update. (Picture: miHoYo)

If you're wondering if Fate Points carry over, they don't as they reset before the start of the next Weapon Event Wish banner. As such, Travelers will need to use their Fate Points before it changes over to the next banner.

And that's everything Travelers need to know about the Pity system in Genshin Impact. Hopefully, they will use their Wishes and the Pity system once the 2.5 update launches this month.


Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.