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Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact's Gentry of Hermitage banner unleashes Zhongli: The Listener

Genshin Impact’s latest 5* powerhouse is live from tomorrow, and miHoYo have stoked players' excitement with his character demo, “Zhongli: The Listener.” Spoiler - it involves summoning giant meteors.
The latest Genshin Impact banner, “Gentry of Hermitage,” launches on the 1st of December, and miHoYo has been building the hype for the new 5* character with “Zhongli: The Listener”.

The character demo shows cultured and collected Zhongli demolishing opponents with a powerful display of whirling Polearm skills, laughing off enemy attacks while summoning massive pillars of stone - oh, and giant meteor a la the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Suffice to say Zhongli looks really strong. 

Zhongli genshin impact demo video Gentry of Hermitage
(Picture: miHoYo)

Fans have already been amassing, partly because of his exciting kit, and partly because that is one very stylish and handsome animated man. The Genshin Impact community has been typically quick to react:

Whether you’re in it for the kit or the looks, Zhongli certainly has his die-hard fans already - and he hasn’t even been released yet!

“This is an age of gods and monsters,” Zhongli announces in the video, “I wish not for dominion, yet I cannot watch the common folk suffer.” Geo Archon he may be, but Zhongli seems only too willing to get his hands dirty in the defence of his nation.

Better watch out for those meteors, eh?