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Genshin Impact v2.0: All featured quests and special events

New challenges and big rewards are coming with the update 2.0 of Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact v2.0: All featured quests and special events

The day has finally come, and after a series of filler updates and leaks, miHoYo has finally revealed the content for the next major update for Genshin Impact, titled “The Immovable God and the Ethernal Euthymia”.

As part of this update, many quests and special events will be available all around the new region of Inazuma, so this time we will give you a walkthrough on everything you can expect from v2.0, as well as some of the rewards you can get in some of them.

Genshin Impact v2.0: New quests and events

The update 2.0 will continue the story of the Chapter II in the Archon Quests, after we discovered the first steps into the Inazuma region during its Prologue, featuring Kaedehara Kazuha in a series of missions around the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Genshin Impact 2.0 Quests
(Picture: miHoYo)

The following are some of the quests that await you in this new update:

Thunder Sojourn

The featured challenge of this update will come with the new event “Thunder Sojourn”, in which by collecting enough event currencies, players will have the chance to invite the “Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean” and captain of the Crux Fleet, Beidou, into your party.

Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders

After its introduction during the Lantern Rite of Liyue, the Theater Mechanicus will be back again along with some modifications to its gameplay, bringing a new challenge for those who already tried it.

Other minor events include the following:

  • Phantom Flow: During this, you will have to complete different challenges and quests around Inazuma to get rewards. Some of these will be easier, while some others will be quite a headache.
  • Lost Riches: Not much info is known about this event, except that you will get the chance to win a Mini-Seelie to accompany your quest.
  • Ley Line Overflow: With this classic event, players will be able to collect double rewards up to three times a day, after completing the Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation.

Last but not least, completing any of these events will earn you some fantastic rewards including Primogems, weapon and Talent Enhancement Materials, tons of Mora, and even an exclusive card for your Profile.

The update 2.0 of Genshin Impact will be available on 21st July 2021. More details on each of these events will be available as we get closer to their release.

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