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How to complete 'Sorry for the Trouble' achievement in Genshin Impact

The 'Sorry for the Trouble' is a hidden achievement in Genshin, through which players can earn free Primogems and other in-game currency upon its completion.
How to complete 'Sorry for the Trouble' achievement in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Wonders of the World consists of a number of hidden achievements that only appear when the players complete them. Sorry for the Trouble is one of the many secret achievements that reward the Travelers with five Primogems upon completion. 

Before we move forward, it’s worth noting that the Sorry of the Trouble achievement is associated with Inazuma Sales Specialist and Post Sale Service quest. Therefore, Genshin Impact players must initially complete these two quests in order to proceed further. Here’s a detailed guide that explains the same process.

Genshin Impact Sorry for the Trouble achievement: How to complete

This guide is divided into three parts as it’s a pretty lengthy process to finish the Sorry for the Trouble achievement. Credit goes to GosuNoob.

Part 1: Completing the Inazuma Sales Specialist quest

The primary objective of the Inazuma Sales Specialist quest is to mess up with the fertilizer order, which further unlocks the Post-Sale Service quest. Since it’s a daily commission quest, players might have to wait a few days until it appears in the game.

Once the Inazuma Sales Specialist quest shows up, speak to the Vahid, an NPC, and the Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe owner. After a few dialogues, select  “Leave it to me” to accept the fertilizer order. The conversation will go like this:

  • Vahid: Anyway, even if it's just reciting the instructions, I believe I'll still need to run around and do some promotion.

  • Vahid: Alrani is already out there promoting our goods. I am going out later as well. Traveler, could you please help us out?

  • Leave it to me.

  • Vahid: Excellent! We are counting on you, Traveler.

Genshin Impact sorry for the trouble konda densuke
Talking to Konda Densuke in Genshin Impact. (Picture: GosuNoob)

Once the cutscene ends, talk to Konda Densuke, an NPC located in Konda Village, Inazuma, and give him the wrong instructions to use the fertilizer. As soon as the conversation ends with Konda Densuke, the Inazuma Sales Special quest will be marked as completed, and players will also be rewarded with 10x Primogems along with some other valuable resources. 

Part 2: Pulling out mushrooms to complete Post-Sale Service quest

Sorry For the Trouble achievement
Clearing up the fresh mushrooms from the Konda’s field. (Picture: GosuNoob)

The main objective of the Post-Sale Service quest is to clear up all the fresh mushrooms from Konda Densuke’s field. Navigate to his field and talk to him where he will assign you the task. 

Afterwards, simply pick up all the fresh mushrooms from the field and speak to him once again in order to complete the quest. Once the conversation is over, players will be granted 10x Primogems and some mora, and exp. 

Part 3: Giving ten mushrooms to Konda to complete the Sorry for the Trouble achievement

Genshin impact
Give your ten mushrooms to Konda to get the achievement. (Picture: GosuNoob)

As the headline is self-explanatory, players would have to give ten mushrooms to Konda Densuke, gathered from his field in the second part of this guide. 

In order to transfer the mushrooms, open the game’s inventory and locate Fresh Mushrooms in the list. Then, talk to Konda Densuke for the last time to give him all the mushrooms.

After surpassing the final objective, the Sorry for the Trouble achievement will be marked as completed and players will receive 5x Primogems as a reward.

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