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Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact: How to get 300 primogems for free with codes

With the announcement of the new 1.3 update, miHoYo has released codes for free primogems for everyone! Read this article to learn how to redeem them.

Today is a day of celebration for Genshin Impact’s fandom, with the release of new information about its next big update, All That Glitters, and the arrival of the Lantern Rite.

With this, miHoYo has released three new codes to get up to 300 primogems for the game, so here we are bringing you all the details on how to get them but be quick because these will be available for a limited time only!

Genshin Impact: How to redeem codes for Primogems

Genshin Impact How to redeem codes for Primogems
(Picture: miHoYo) 

To redeem the codes, you will have to enter through Genshin Impact’s website, and follow these steps:

  • Log in to your miHoYo account.

  • Choose the server for which profile you want to redeem them.

  • Enter the redemption code and click the button “Redeem”.

After you entered the code, and if you receive a pop-up confirmation, that will mean you got free Primogems!

 Now, the moment you have been waiting for, the limited-time codes.

Genshin Impact How to redeem codes for Primogems
(Picture: miHoYo) 

Genshin Impact How to redeem codes for Primogems
(Picture: miHoYo)