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Huge Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Nine Months of Future Content

HoYoverse has suffered a colossal data leaking incident, causing nine months' worth of Genshin Impact content to be scattered across the internet.
Huge Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Nine Months of Future Content

HoYoverse is facing one of its biggest Genshin Impact leaks in history. Ever since the inception of the game itself, leaks have always been a prominent occurrence every other so often. And despite HoYoverse cracking down on the people leaking information, it ultimately doesn’t prove an absolute end to the issue as more unreleased Genshin Impact details are surfacing over the internet. 

However, unlike smaller leaks focused on upcoming characters, or maybe a patch or two ahead, nothing compares to the monumentally devastating leak HoYoverse experienced in the past few days. Right around the debut of Genshin Impact’s patch 3.2 Livestream, information detailing almost everything coming to the game in the next nine months has been leaked. Yes, that’s multiple patches, including next year’s release of the character Fontaine.

How Did Nine Months Of Genshin Impact Content Leak?

information genshin impact dehya sumeru leaked
Information about Genshin Impact's Dehya from Sumeru has been leaked.

It’s hard to tell for sure when the leaks happened, especially knowing leakers don’t naturally want anyone to find out about them, let alone information that could help point HoYoverse to the perpetrators. In saying so, the information leaked was allegedly sourced from HoYoverse’s beta version of Genshin Impact and not mined from live public servers.

The information was allegedly stolen by someone with access to HoYoverse’s exclusive Genshin Impact beta servers and dumped across the internet. That said, the beginning of the data leaking supposedly started over the weekend last 22nd October 2022, as a large amount of information regarding Genshin Impact’s upcoming content surfaced online. 

information genshin impact mika mondstadt leaked
Information about Genshin Impact's Mika from Mondstadt has been leaked.

The amount of content leaked alone is devastatingly large, with characters, features, events, and more going back nine months in total. That’s thirty-six weeks of content, more than enough to keep anyone busy for a long time. For example, Sumeru’s next major region is allegedly coming with patch 3.8 in July 2023, and multiple unannounced characters have been revealed, like Baizhu, Dehya, Mika, and Faruzan.

No doubt HoYoverse must be immensely disappointed and fuming over, presumably, years of hard work being taken away like nothing. Although the data leaked cannot be proven as true, there’s still more room to believe it might be. That possibility of the leaked information being real content coming to Genshin Impact is a thought prompting any Traveler to feel sorry for HoYoverse’s trashed efforts.

In saying so, that’s also given them more room to be hoping it’s all a ruse. Like all leaked information, it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt, and if some information is too hard not to be true, everything can change in the future. Until HoYoverse officially releases a statement, it’s best to believe whatever the company announces regarding Genshin Impact’s development.

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All featured images are courtesy of HoYoverse.